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the Duma will consider the law " ABT administrative agencies "

the State Duma will consider in the third definitive reading the bill " ABT administrative agencies ".

the Document is directed on creation of new type state or municipal authority which is supposed to be called as independent.

It will be the noncommercial organisation created by the Russian Federation, the subject of the Russian Federation or municipal union 4 performance of WRK in spheres of a science, education, public health services, culture, social protection, employment of the population, physical training and sports. Establishments of other type existing now can be transformed to independent establishments.

According to amendments 2 the initial concept of the bill which have been accepted in the second reading in the end of September, transformation of official body to the independent will be voluntary made and with the assistance of all workers of the enterprise.

the Decision on transformation will be necessary for ratifying and registering in the establishment charter. The property of independent establishment, according to the bill, is offered to assign to it on the operational administration right. Financial maintenance of activity of joint-stock company will be carried out at the expense of subventions and grants from corresponding budgetary system of Russia and other sources not forbidden by the law.

During the second reading 2 initial vantu the bill of independent establishments it was accepted more than hundred amendments. At the same time, improvement of the bill has not satisfied representatives of some oppositional fractions. After voting in the second reading of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and a number of other parties and public organisations levopatrioticheskih forces have published the statement in which insisted on removal from the further consideration of this document.

" We demand to remove this law from State Duma consideration, and also to increase budgetary assignments for education, a science, culture " - it was SPK in the statement.

Communists consider that in case of acceptance of this document on reception of free higher education " can 4EVER 4get millions young men and girls, libraries, museums, theatres and palaces of culture can be sold to unfair businessmen ".

the Head of committee of the State Duma of the legislation Paul Krasheninnikov, making comments on such criticism of communists, noticed that it is groundless.

" All fears that the new law will lead to squandering of national property and any illegal frauds are absolutely deprived the bases. To the contrary, transparency maintenance in activity of establishments including in sphere of property relations, is the main thing at acceptance of the given law " - Krasheninnikov to journalists in the State Duma has told.