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" M Progress - 58 " in October delivers on MKS the equipment 4 repair

. The new space truck " M Progress - 58 " which start is planned for October, 23rd delivers on MKS the necessary equipment 4 repair of system of regeneration of oxygen " elektron ". On it has informed journalists after a successful redocking of the spaceship " Union TMA - 9 " the head flight of Russian segment MKS Vladimir Solovev.

" On new " Progress " we will bring all necessary for repair of the failed system of regeneration of oxygen " elektron ". We want to have onboard MKS the reserve complete set of cables and valves " - he has told.

According to Soloveva, flight " Progress " it will be carried out on so-called " smooth " to the three-day scheme, when the ship " reaches " B4 station in avtomoticheskom a mode not two, but three days.

SPK about excellent performed space operation on a ship redocking " Union TMA - 9 " Nightingales has noticed that the Russian cosmonaut Michael Tyurin on training apparatus has proved to be the excellent driver.

" Misha - the Gud pilot, it was visible and on its WRK on land training apparatus. In runtime of flight from one mudulja stations 2 another Michael has noticed that the ship perfectly answers the helm and behaves 2 obediently as though it was during trainings on land training apparatus " - has told Nightingales.

Michael Tyurin managed to execute operation on a redocking for five minutes before the planned term.