Rus News Journal

on October, 11th

        the International day on reduction of danger of acts of nature was marked, according to the resolution of General Assembly of the United Nations from December, 22nd, 1989, within the limits of the International decade on reduction of danger of acts of nature (1990 - 1999); in 1999 the General Assembly of the United Nations has decided annually to celebrate this day as one of the tools promoting formation of global culture   reduction of danger of acts of nature, including prevention, softening of their consequences and maintenance of readiness for them.

        Protection of the population against every possible afflictions and accidents - one of the most priority lines of activity of many states of the world. Arising emergency situations show that acts of nature have no borders and do not choose the people. ESP last years the call of the natural cataclysms accompanied by climatic changes, flooding, earth flows, earthquakes, droughts and fires increases. Scales of emergency situations, an economic damage and the most sad - human losses become more notable. The international strategy on danger reduction first of all pursues the aim to inform of the wide public importance of problems on prevention of natural accidents, softening of their consequences and readiness for them. In these conditions experts, rescuers should search for all new methods and forms on forecasting, the prevention and liquidation of consequences of possible emergency situations. In Russia the Uniform state system of the prevention and liquidation of emergency situations with that end in view operates.

new serious beloved Edit has taught it to write and read, has trained in Gud manners, to ability to behave in a society, with taste to put on, submit itself. He composed TXTs 4 new repertoire of Piaf, has found 4 it the perfect composer - Margerit Mono. And here Edit has appeared B4 the tempted public on a scene of the most glorified Parisian mjuzik - hall AVS. That day the singer has acted for the first time not as Baby Piaf, and as Edit Piaf. It has sung the new songs studied W Rejmonom. The huge hall roared from delight, public did not wish to release Edit. And the press next day, choking with delight, wrote: « Yesterday on scene AVS the great singer of France was born... ». Affairs of Edit sharply have gone uphill. Now it presumed to herself own house in the CTR of Paris which was always open 4 numerous friends.

        When circulations of plates of Edit in France have passed for one million, the American impresarios have become interested in it and have suggested to arrange tour on cities of the USA. Going for ocean, Edit did not suspect that will meet there the greatest LUV of the life - Marseilles Serdana, the world champion on boxing. They lived openly, but Marseilles and has not thrown a WF W three sons. News ABT  destruction of Serdana in aviation accident of Edit has RCVed, preparing for performance in nju - jorkskom to a hall « Versailles ». Nobody thought that Edit then can sing. But she has stepped on the stage also a deaf voice has said: « I will sing Serdana in honour of Marseilles. Only for the sake of it ». The melancholy of Edit was intolerable: she has started to drink, has run into revelry, left not learnt in old rags on street and sang the passer-by. In completion of misfortunes Edit has got to accident, has come to be in hospital, has conceived a liking for soothing narcotics. It was treated for drugs and AGN came back 2 them.

But to step on the stage, Piaf should do injections, accept more and more medicines. Physicians warned that at such working rhythm she long will not stretch, but the singer continued to work in the same rhythm - the new songs, the new disks, new MTGs. And new LUV - young hairdresser Teo Sarapo. In October, 1962 they have got married in the main orthodox temple of Paris - Sacred Alexander Nevsky`s cathedral. But Edit in a coma is very fast has got to hospital of the Parisian suburb Neji sjur Hay. In it have found out a cancer, hands of Piaf have been held down by an arthritis. On October, 11th, 1963 she has died, without having lived till fifty years. It was buried by all France. Last beloved Edit Teo Sarapo has endured the well-known spouse of all for seven years - it was lost in accident and has been buried in one tomb from the Edit Piaf nicknamed « Vorobyshkom Paris ».

31 one year ago (1975) Bill Clinton wedding and Hillari   has taken place; Rodem
        In 1971 the schoolgirl from Chicago Hillari Rodem has got acquainted with the pupil from   Arkansas Bill Clinton. As well as Hillari, Bill leant against itself and was possessed thirst of education. In 1972 they 2GETHR worked in the Texas pre-election staff of the candidate of that time in presidents from George Makgoverna`s democratic party. The sympathy of young men to each other grew W   ANY1   in the afternoon. « we simply started to talk and could not   to stop, - Hilari considerably L8R in one interview has told, - we SPK more and more and all longer ». They thirsted social transformations and were passionately   are keen on a policy. But cemented these relations, certainly   LUV. The LUV has urged Hillari to refuse from

        Bill Clinton and Hillari Rodem have got married on October, 11th, 1975. In Arkansas Hillari became the known lawyer, and Bill has risen on level of the governor of Arkansas and became the youngest governor of the USA. Twelve years of abiding   in residence of the governor in Litl - Fate « the command of Billari » prepared for struggle for the biggest prize. The post of the US president became this prize. And now Hillari is the public politician and the senator. In the senate it has won a place from the first attempt.    

75 years ago (1931) in the USSR the decision on a private trade complete liquidation
  is accepted;       Economic and the political crisis, captured the country at « military communism » have forced a political management to search an exit from them. Transition from « military communism » 2 « to new economic policy » (NEW ECONOMIC POLICY) has been intoned H by congress of the Russian communist party in March

the Basic measures spent in frameworks the NEW ECONOMIC POLICY - prodrazverstka is replaced by the food tax, free trade was legalised, private persons have acquired the right to be engaged in domestic industries and to open the industrial enterprises W number of workers B4 hundred. The small nationalised enterprises came back to former owners. In 1922 the right to rent of the earth and wage labour use have been recognised, the system of labour duties and labour mobilisation is cancelled. Work wages in kind are replaced monetary, the new state bank has been founded and the system of banks is restored. The NEW ECONOMIC POLICY has led to QIK revival of economy. The economic interest which has appeared at peasants in manufacture of agricultural production has allowed to sate QIK the market with the foodstuffs and to overcome consequences of hungry years « military communism ». However already at an early stage the NEW ECONOMIC POLICY (1921 - 1923) the recognition of a role of the market was combined with measures on its abolition. Market methods of regulation

Partijno - the state tops did not want reforms and have been anxious by that the private sector will get advantage B4 the state. Captured by fear the NEW ECONOMIC POLICY, they took measures on its discredit. Official propagation in every possible way slighted a private trader, in public consciousness the image « was formed; nepmana » as exploiter, the class enemy. From the middle 1920 - h years of a measure on restraint of development the NEW ECONOMIC POLICY were replaced by a course with its curling. Dismantle the NEW ECONOMIC POLICY has begun privately, at first measures on tax suffocation of a private sector, then deprivation of its legal guarantees. Thus at all party forums fidelity « was intoned; to new economic policy ». On December, 27th, 1929 in speech at conference of historians - marksistov Stalin declared: « If we adhere the NEW ECONOMIC POLICY, it because it ministers to socialism business. And when it will cease to minister to socialism business, we will reject new economic policy to hell ».

In the end of 1920 - h years, having considered that the new economic policy has ceased to minister to a socialism, the Stalin management has rejected it. Private trade (except the collective-farm markets) has been cancelled. All private shops have been nationalised During liquidation so-called « exploiter classes » rural « bourgeoisie » (fists) « raskulachivali » have confiscated all its property, banished to Siberia, and « the rests of city bourgeoisie » - the businessmen who were engaged in private trade, craft and sale of the products (« nepmanov »), and also members of their families deprived of the political rights (« lishentsy ») ; Many subjected to suits. But the official interdiction could not squeeze out definitively not state trade from public life. The shadow economy long still remained characteristic feature of the Soviet validity.

45 years ago (1961) on Semipalatinsk range the first underground nuclear explosion
  is made;       on October, 11th, 1961 on the former proving ground in Semipalatinsk the first underground nuclear explosion has been made. On August, 21st, 1947 the Ministerial council of the USSR has accepted the closed decision ABT creation 2 - go State scientifically - research probation nuclear range. Semipalatinsk   the range has been created in 1948 specially 4 carrying out of tests   the first   the Soviet nuclear device. The range settled down in severo - east Kazakhstan, on a joint Pavlodar, Karaganda and were   Semipalatinsk   Areas. The first nuclear explosion on range is made on August, 29th, 1949, last - on October, 19th, 1989. For 40 years on range it is made 456 air, land and underground nuclear     explosions. Land and air tests of the nuclear weapon were made till 1963. After signing in 1963

Results of forwarding researches of Academy of Sciences the Republics Kazakhstans spent still in 1957 - 1959, have shown ecological danger of carrying out of tests, presence of the raised radioactive pollution of the territories adjoining 2   to Semipalatinsk range, and occurrence of a pathology at people and animals. For range limits there were radioactive clouds air and land   explosions   and gas fraction of underground explosions. In April, 1996 the National nuclear CTR of Kazakhstan and Agency on nuclear security at the Ministry of Defence of the USA have signed the agreement according to which the Kazakhstan and American experts have started liquidation of 186 tunnels and shtolen in which tests were conducted. On July, 29th, 2000 last has been blown up shtolnja Semipalatinsk nuclear range. The range has stopped the existence. In memory of victims of nuclear tests in Semipalatinsk was will erect a monument.

12 years ago (1994) there was a landslide falling of rouble in relation to dollar (« black Tuesday ») .

        the Exchange of money in the April, 1991, named « Pavlovsk reform » (on a surname of premieres - the minister of the USSR Valentine Pavlova), pursued the aim to get rid of superfluous denominations in nalichno - monetary circulation and at least partially to solve a deficiency problem in the commodity market. Reform was spent under the pretext of struggle against false roubles, ostensibly zavozimymi from - for a boundary, from the reference were withdrawn 50 - and 100 - rouble denominations of the sample of 1961. The population as the exchange of large denominations was accompanied by the strongest restrictions was an affected party: exchange deadlines - three days; to an exchange was subject 51,5 billion roubles from 133 billion cash, or 39 percent. Since January, 1992 liberalisation of the prices and a free exchange rate of rouble appears in Russia. Inflation reaches from 12 B4 35 percent a MTH. By the end of 1992 the dollar cost 415 roubles. From July, 26th till August, 7th, 1993 in Russia the next currency reform has been spent. It has been called by a galloping inflation

        on October, 11th, 1994 there was a landslide falling of rouble in relation to dollar (« black Tuesday ») . For one day at the Moscow international currency stock exchange the dollar exchange rate has grown W 3081 B4 3926 roubles for dollar. In the report which has been prepared by the special commission, it was SPK that a collapse principal cause is « raskoordinirovannost, inopportuneness, and at times and incompetence of decisions and actions of federal authorities ». Since January, 1st, 1998 denomination - technical deletion of three zero on denominations of the new sample has begun.   currency reform did not assume neither confiscations in any kind, nor restrictions, actually an exchange of cash « old » money which on - former carried out the function and participated in a turn. Since January, first, 1998 10, 50, 100 both 500 roubles and metal coins worthiness 1, 5, 10, 50 copecks and 1, 2, 5 roubles are entered into the reference of a banknote of the sample of 1997 by worthiness 5. Banknotes of the sample 1993 and 1995 (including their updatings of 1994) and coins of the USSR and Russia 1961 - 1996 remained in circulation within all 1998 and were accepted in all organisations, trading enterprises, sphere of service, commercial banks as normal means of payment from calculation of one their thousand nominal cost. During reform nominal cost of the Russian bank notes and a standard of price changed in scale 1000:1 (one thousand roubles designated on « becomes one rouble; old » to a denomination, one copeck - a coin in ten roubles). 2 the termination of process of denomination it has been withdrawn more than six billions banknotes (four times less, than in 1993). After December, 31st, 1998 circulation « old » money has stopped, remained paper and EVN metallic currency could be exchanged till the end of 2002.