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the Nobel committee declares the Nobel prize winner of the world

the Norwegian Nobel committee on Friday declares the Nobel prize winner of the world.

this year on Nobel Prize reception will put forward 191 candidate, including 23 organisations.

Among the most popular candidates on reception of the Nobel Prize of the world, according to the international mass-media, the international organisations working over elimination of consequences of a tsunami in Jugo - East Asia and participants of peace talks between the government of Indonesia and movement " Free Acheh " come to the end on August, 15th, 2005 signing of the peace agreement. In particular, it is a question of the president of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Judhojono and the former president of Finland Martti Ahtisaari acting as the main intermediary in negotiations.

Among other candidates name the leader of Uigur minority in China and public active worker Rebijju Kadeer (Rebiya Kadeer), one of recognised spiritual leaders of modern India Shri Shri Ravi Shankara (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) and EVN the former Minister for Foreign Affairs of the USA Kolin Powell (˝olin Powell).

last year Nobel prize winners of the world of a steel of IAEA and its head Egyptian Mohammed an ale - Baradej " for the efforts, undertaken to interfere with nuclear energy use in the military purposes and to guarantee that nuclear energy will be used only in the peace purposes and the most safe way ".

the world Nobel Prize is awarded by the Norwegian Nobel committee founded Norwegian stortingom (parliament).

this year the world award - last nomination within the limits of ceremony of the announcement of winners of the award.

Ceremony of the announcement of Nobel prize winners of this year has begun last week.

On Monday, on October, 2nd, the commission of Karolinsky medical institute in Stockholm declared Nobel prize winners for 2006 in the field of physiology and medicine. The award will be divided by the American scientists - Andrew Fajer`s genetics (Andrew Fire) and Krejg Mello (˝raig Mello) for researches of the mechanism of transfer of the genetic information, in particular, for researches of the mechanism so-called RNK - interferences (RNA interferen˝e), or " zaglushenija " (neutralisations) of separate genes at a stage of synthesising of fibers and transfers of the genetic information.

On Tuesday, on October, 3rd, the commission of the Swedish royal academy of Sciences had been named Nobel prize winners on the physicist. The American scientists John Mater (John Mather) and George Smut (George Smoot) for researches in area " became them; forms " a black body " And anisotropies of the space microwave background radiation, helping to promote in studying of process of occurrence of the Universe and understanding of an origin of galaxies and

On Wednesday, on October, 4th, the commission of the Swedish royal academy of Sciences declared that the Nobel Prize in chemistry is awarded to the American scientist Roger Kornbergu (Roger Kornberg) for " mechanism research eukarioticheskoj transcriptions at molecular level " responsible for transfer of the genetic information.

On Monday, on October, 9th, the Nobel Prize in the field of economy has been awarded by the commission of the Swedish royal academy of Sciences to the American scientist Edmundu Felpsu (Edmund Phelps) for " researches of interrelations between short-term and long-term effects in the macroeconomic policy ".

On Thursday, on October, 12th, the Academy has awarded the Nobel Prize under the literature to Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk, which in the creativity " In search of melancholic soul of a native city has found out new symbols of collision and an interlacing of cultures ".

In ANY1 direction the award at a rate of 10 million Swedish crones (about $1,4 million) is provided.

Ceremony of delivery of awards will pass on December, 10th in Stockholm and Oslo. Traditionally awards on the physicist, chemistry, to medicine, the literature and economy are handed over in Stockholm in the Concert hall by the king of Sweden. The world Nobel Prize is handed over by the chairman of the Norwegian Nobel committee in Oslo in the presence of the king of Norway and members of royal family.

the Award, except monetary compensation, includes a gold medal and the diploma.

it is primary under Alfred Nobel`s made on November, 27th, 1895 the will, award of awards in five directions was provided: to the physicist, chemistry, physiology (medicine), the literature and the contribution to a cause of peace all over the world. In 1900 Nobel independent Fund W seed capital in 31 million Swedish crones has been for this purpose created. The first awards have been awarded on December, 10th, 1901. Since 1969 at the initiative of the Swedish bank awards

Nobel who born in Sweden on October, 21st, 1833 and has died in Italy on December, 10th, 1896 are awarded 2, for the life has patented 355 inventions one of the first among which were dynamite and detonators.

the First Nobel Prize of the world has been handed over in 1901 to the founder of the International committee of the Geneva cross to Swiss Anri Jean Djunanu (Henry Jean Dunant) and to the founder " the International League of the world " to the French politician Frederiku Passi (Frederik Passy).

Among winners of the award of the world two Russians: the academician and dissident Andrey Saharov (1975) and the president of the USSR Michael Gorbachev (1990).