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the State Council Presidium will hold exit session in Yaroslavl

Exit session of presidium of the State Council which will pass in Yaroslavl on Friday under the chairmanship of Vladimir Putin, will be devoted problems of road building.

the Presidium should consider some questions - ABT creation of the large companies - holdings which will be engaged in building and the maintenance of roads, ABT the conclusion of long-term contracts on repair and the maintenance of roads and ABT creation of a network of paid highways.

the Minister of transport of the Russian Federation Igor Levitin has informed that in the country is planned to create conditions 4 formation of the large companies (holdings), " which can create, contain and repair roads ". However he has noticed that, " creating such company, we should understand that in Russia there is no domestic road technics " and consequently there is a question on industry development in this direction.

the Minister 2 has informed that Ministry of Transport suggests to pass 2 the conclusion of long-term contracts to repair and the maintenance of roads for from 3 till 6 years. According to Levitina, now over working out of possibilities 4 6 - summer contracts Ministry of Transport works together with the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and MERT the Russian Federation.

One more offer of Ministry of Transport consists in formation of new specifications of repair and the maintenance of roads. " it is necessary that we knew, how much it is necessary means, and could build a policy of management of branch " - Levitin has told.

He 2 has informed that in current MTH the government decision on paid roads can be accepted. " we plan to conclude kontsessionnye contracts on paid roads " - Levitin has told. He has informed that W a number of the Russian and foreign companies it was possible to agree ABT similar kontsessionnyh agreements " on a total time road existence ".

the Minister 2 has informed that possibility of association of some current taxes, including the transport tax, the taxes depending on run of the car and a part of receipts from OSAGO, in so-called off-budget fund " is considered; the user pays " which in turn will go on building and the maintenance of roads. The total sum of the means consolidated thus can exceed 100 billion roubles.

" We 2 want to pass Rosavtodoru a roadside strip 4 delivery to its business, including under building of parking " - Levitin has told.

the Minister has underlined that on strengthening of security of roads could go and penalties for excess of speed.

Earlier it was informed that in Ministry of economic development and trade of Russia expect carrying out in 2006 - 2007 of competitions on selection kontsessionerov 4 realisation of four civil-engineering designs of a road infrastructure, sofinansiruemyh from investment fund.

Representative MERT has informed that in the beginning of following MTH competition carrying out on building of the Western high-speed diameter in St.-Petersburg is expected. Under the given project the project of the order which is co-ordinated with Rosavtodorom, is brought in the government by Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Finance, and after its exit competition for choice kontsessionera will be declared.

This project started to be realised still in 1990 - h years, but has been frozen in connection with crisis of 1998 - in connection with a rise in prices project cost has increased from 40 billion B4 80 - 90 billion roubles. Thus from investment fund it is supposed to allocate for the project of 27 billion roubles.

Besides, next year competition carrying out on building of a paid site of a highway Moscow - St.-Petersburg (15 is expected - 59 km), the total cost of the project makes $2 billion, including from investment fund the project will be financed in the sum of $950 million.

2 it is planned to hold competition on building of a new exit on the Moscow ring highway from a federal highway of M - 1 Belarus bypassing a city of Odintsovo (cost of the project about $640 million, $37 million it will be allocated from investment fund) and competition for building of the Oryol tunnel near Neva, connecting Vasilevsky island W other points of a city (a total cost of $970 million, from investment fund - $300 million).

Levitin, in turn, has informed that negotiations on building of a paid site of a highway Moscow - St.-Petersburg (15 - 59 km) are already spent W representatives of the French companies, " but not the fact what exactly Frenchmen will win competition " the minister has told. As he said, interest to investment in the Russian road branch the companies from Spain have already expressed, France, to Germany and Italy.