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the Federation Council will consider agreements on a conclusion of military bases from Georgia

the Federation Council at plenary session on Friday will consider two agreements between Russia and Georgia, providing a conclusion of the Russian military bases from territory of this country.

As the chairman of committee of the upper chamber on affairs of the CIS Vadim Gustov has informed News, senators intend to support both documents.

" It is a question of the agreement between Russia and Georgia ABT the organisation of transit of military cargoes and the personnel through territory of Georgia, and also ABT the agreement between the Russian Federation and Georgia ABT terms, an order of time functioning and a conclusion of the Russian military bases and other military facilities of Group of the Russian armies in Transcaucasia, located on territory of Georgia. Certainly, the Federation Council will support both documents " - the senator has told.

He has underlined that such decision is inevitable, considering present relations between Russia and Georgia.

" Not a secret what relation to the Russian citizens has developed now in Georgia. And what for we will hold there armies to call irritation? " - Gustov has asked a question. As he said, now in Georgia " the hysterics against Russians " is untwisted;.

" Now Russia does not have strategic problem to hold in Georgia armies " - Gustov has added.

the Senator has noticed that according to agreements the conclusion of a part of the Russian military bases to Armenia, and parts - in egerskie divisions which are in Russia on border W Georgia is provided. " it is provided that from territory it will be deduced about 40 tanks, more than 100 armored troop-carrier and about 2,5 tons of ammunition " - he has told.

According to documents, the withdrawal of Russian troops will be carried out through Azerbaijan and Armenia by rail, and also as a part of military columns.

In the federal budget means for a withdrawal of Russian troops from Georgia are already provided. Predictably, in 2006 this sum will make more than 836 million roubles, in 2007 - 820,5 million roubles, in 2008 - 510,6 million roubles.

" It is planned that the conclusion of heavy machinery from military base in Ahalkalaki should be carried out till the end of this year, and as a whole the conclusion of military bases will pass during 2007 - 2008 " - Gustov has informed.

According to the chairman of committee of the Federation Council on affairs of the CIS, the Russian Federations are invited to Federation Council session on Friday Alexey Maslov and the deputy chief of Joint Staff VS of the Russian Federation Alexander Skvortsov by a central board of land forces VS.