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Finland hopes that Ahtisaari will RCV a world Nobel Prize

B4 the announcement of the winner of a Nobel Prize of the world which will take place on October, 13th, in Finland " are ill " for the former president of the country and known fighter for peace Martti Ahtisaari (Martti Ahtisaari).

Ahtisaari this year is one of the most popular candidates along with the president of Indonesia Susilo Bambangom Judhojono and other participants of successful peace talks between the government of Indonesia and movement " Free Acheh " and also the international organisations working over elimination of consequences of a tsunami in Jugo - East Asia.

For Ahtisaari in Finland " were ill " last year though, according to some information, officially its nominee has not been put forward at all. Simply last autumn at all the triumphal conclusion of the peace agreement between the government of Indonesia and representatives of movement " was too fresh in memory; Free Acheh " on August, 15th, 2005 in Helsinki which became a result long and delicate negotiations as the main intermediary in which Ahtisaari acted.

the Military conflict between the government of Indonesia and movement " Free Acheh " proceeded 30 years.

the Winner of the award of the world of 2005 had been declared IAEA and its head Mohammed an ale - Baradei. Martti Ahtisaari has congratulated awarded, and many Finns have disappointedly sighed.

Ahtisaari - not the first president of Finland which nominee was put forward among candidates on reception of a Nobel Prize of the world. On January, 28th, 1956 four Norwegian members of parliament have proposed on reception of a Nobel Prize of the world a nominee of Finnish president Juhi Kusti Paasikivi (Juha Kusti Paasikivi) for its contribution to improvement of relations between east and western blocks.

However a new coil " cold war " has brought to nothing all efforts of Paasikivi and other peacemakers. The Nobel committee declared that the award in 1956 will not be handed over. In some weeks sick already then Paasikivi has died.

Rabotu Paasikivi on adjustment of relations between the East and the West were continued by president Urho Kekkonen who has acted in 1969 W idea of creation of OSCE. After on August, 1st, 1975 in Helsinki the Final certificate of meeting on security and cooperation in Europe has been signed, Finns had strong reasons to hope that the Finnish president, at last, will RCV a Nobel Prize.

Already prepared corresponding a press - releases and speeches. But the world Nobel Prize has been awarded to academician Andrey Saharovu. The Nobel committee has preferred to award the Soviet dissident, instead of diligent " the builder of bridges " between the West and the USSR.

As documents of the Nobel committee contain as fiduciary, authentically it is not known, how much all times the nominee of Kekkonena appeared in the list of applicants for reception of the award of the world. Hearings ABT presence of a name of Kekkonena among applicants periodically appeared in 1970 - 80 - h years, but it is awarded and was not.

Ahtisaari holding fast of the president of Finland in 1994 - 2000, was proposed as the candidate on reception of a Nobel Prize of the world by the Finnish members of parliament in 2000 and 2001. By then in its track record of the peacemaker there was a WRK as head of mission of the United Nations in Namibia since 1989. For merits in formation of independence of the country and carrying out of the first democratic elections of Ahtisaari has been awarded ranks of the honourable citizen of Namibia.

Later he headed United Nations activity on overcoming of consequences of war of 1991 in Iraq, and from September, 1992 till April, 1993 working group of the United Nations on situation settlement in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

However the greatest popularity in a peace-making field of Ahtisaari has RCVed as the representative of EU at negotiations of the NATO, the European Union and Russia W a management of Yugoslavia in 1999. In June, 1999, after several weeks of NATO bombardments, Ahtisaari together with the special representative of the president of Russia in Yugoslavia Victor Tchernomyrdin has achieved signing by the president of Yugoslavia by Slobadan Milosevic of conditions of the NATO on the conflict termination.

However neither in 2000, nor in 2001 peace-making merits of Ahtisaari have not been rewarded by the Nobel committee. In 2000 the world award has been awarded to the president of South Korea Kimu De Jung, and in 2001 - to the secretary general of the United Nations Kofi Annan.

Now Ahtisaari heads the public organisation created by it " the Initiative of crisis management " also is the main intermediary in negotiations on the future status of Kosovo.