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US authorities have searched branch of the Russian company Itera in Florida

. US authorities in the morning on Monday have conducted a search in branch of the Russian company Itera in Dzheksonville (State of Florida).

As the newspaper " informs; Philadelphia inkuajrer " the search at Itera office is spent on the basis of the warrant on which similar searches are carried out on Monday in five places, including being in suburb of Philadelphia the house of Karen Ueldon - daughters of the known American congressman - the republican, the vice-president of committee on armed forces of the House of Representatives of the congress of the USA and the co-chairman of working group " the Duma - the Congress " Kurta Ueldona.

Searches are spent FBI in connection with the investigation begun by the Ministry of Justice of the USA 4 finding-out of a question on, a leah congressman Ueldon used the extensive communications in Washington 4 assistance lobbist and public relations - to business of the daughter which W 2002 for 2003 represented interests of Itera to the USA.

The congressman and its lawyers in the categorical form deny any fault of Ueldona.