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the Crew of the barge suffering affliction managed to lift a vessel on a land

. To crew suffering affliction in sea of Okhotsk barges " the Azimuth " it was possible, using inflow, to lift a vessel on a land.

On Tuesday it is planned to make the crack formed as a result of a storm and to liquidate a leak. News have informed on it in Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation on the Kamchatka area.

Incident has occurred on Monday in sea of Okhotsk at the western coast of Kamchatka. In the barge case " the Azimuth " following W cargo from settlement October Ust - Bolsheretsky area in Ust - Hajrjuzovo, as a result of storm stirring of the sea has arisen a crack in which water began to arrive. Onboard a vessel there are 11 crewmen and four persons accompanying cargo. In holds - 181 ton strojmatelov and products.

the Crew managed to bring the barge to coast in 39 kilometres to the north of settlement October and to fix two anchors. 2NITE on Monday the crew has waited inflow and has allowed an emergency vessel to rise together with water further on coast so that at outflow the vessel displacement of 260 tons has appeared on a land.

In the help of rescuers while necessities are not present. Seamen plan to finish all WRK by own strength. Threats of deluging, life of crew and emergency flood of oil products are not present, have noted in the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation.