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In dispute of leaders of group G of League of champions of CSKA will accept the London Arsenal

On Tuesday at capital stadium " the Locomotive " in a match of the next tour of football League of champions leaders of group G - London " will converge; the Arsenal " (six points) and the Moscow CSKA (four).

Reached the ending of last year`s tournament " kanoniry " have already inflicted in this season of defeat over two other commands of this group (Portuguese " to Port " and to German " to Hamburg ") Also do not hide that go to Moscow behind the next victory.

" It would be strange, if (the head coach " the Arsenal " Arsene) Venger has told that they go to lose or play in a draw " - the trainer of soldiers Valery Gazzayev on predmatchevoj has noticed about it a press - conferences.

By the way, the lowest passing score of a group stage passed in League of champions of last season on a boundary 7 - 8 points. Then Scottish " Glasgow Rejndzhers " (group H) and Bremen " the Werder " (group) left in 1/ 8 endings, having in the active of all on seven points, and to German " SHalke - 04 " has not sufficed 4 an exit from group E and eight. All other commands which have overcome a group stage, had not less than nine points.

It is necessary to note rather confident performance of the London club in guest matches of League of champions: The command of Vengera in seven last duels on departure in this tournament has gained five victories at two drawn games.

OTOH, the British command will arrive to the Russian capital in the fourth time, and till now to conquer the Moscow clubs on their field to it it was not possible: in a track record " the Arsenal " two defeats from " Spartaka " (2:3, an UEFA Cup - 82/ 83 and 1:4, League of champions - 2000/ 01) and a zero drawn game W " the Locomotive " (League of champions - 2003/ 04).

Experience of performance in the most prestigious club tournament of Europe two rivals is non-comparable - " the Arsenal " has gained in the 83 - h games in League of champions of more victories (38), than CSKA has spent matches in this tournament (32).

nevertheless, a number of skilled players " kanonirov " will not play in Moscow from - for traumas. It, first of all, the Swedish halfback Freddi Jungberg (damage of a muscle of a hip), at which 84 matches spent in Euro cups on a broader scale, and 61 match - in League of champions in particular. However, according to Gazzayev, " the command " the Arsenal " loss of one player

For the sake of justice is completed enough in all lines, therefore, we will notice that the list injured " kanonirov " it is not settled by one Scandinavian. In it ivuariets Emmanjuel Ebue (knee), Brazilian Zhuliu Baptishta (a popliteal sinew), Cameroonian Lauren (knee) and Frenchman Abu Diabi (anklebone) 2 appear.

It is no wonder that Venger carries to Moscow at once two teenagers - 18 - summer Brazilian halfback Denilsona and 17 - summer British forward Teo Walcott. BTW, if Walcott manages to cause a stir in the Russian capital, it becomes the youngest attacking which will score a goal in League of champions (on Tuesday Walcott`s exact age will be equal 17 - both to years and 184 days - for 11 days less, than at the present owner of this achievement Peter Oforikvaje from Ghana which has spent one of balls Greek " an Olympiakos " in a house match W Norwegian " Rusenborg " on October, 1st, 1997, come to the end with the bill 5:1).

the European bookmakers have made Walcott`s prospective goal of one of the most popular rates on this game. In their opinion, higher, than at the player of youth English national team, chances (7 2 1) to afflict Igor Akinfeeva is only at three football players " the Arsenal " - Frenchman Terri Anri (4 2 1), Dutch Robina van Persi (6 2 1) and togoleztsa Emmanjuelja Adebajora (13 2 2).

At CSKA bookmakers from foggy Albion expect goal troubles from Wagner Lava`s Brazilians (6 2 1), Daniel Karvalju and Croat Ivitsy Olicha (they are 13 2 2). It is curious that, according to office Paddypower, the least in a Russian team chances of the hammered ball at one of penaltistov Sergey Ignashevicha`s CSKA (40 2 1).

Coming back 2 objective difficulties " kanonirov " according to the trainer of CSKA, a trauma hardly will seriously weaken the British club. " in - the first, the command " the Arsenal " it is is very Gud completed, in - the second, she plays not in traditional English football, shriving combinational style of game W Gud control of a ball, - Gazzayev has noted force of rivals. - at them very reliable defence. Not casually this club was the finalist of last League of champions, and, in my opinion, merited victory than " more; Barcelona ".

In turn, Arsene Venger has let know that he does not consider CSKA as the EZ rival. " they - the strong team, - quotes the French expert an official site of the London club. - they have some qualified Brazilians, and also seven players of Russian national team that in itself - a quite good combination ".

At the same time Venger has hinted that weather conditions of Moscow in October do duel exod unpredictable. " I heard that the lawn of their arena has practically become unfit for use after tournament, - the Frenchman has declared, meaning a stadium field " the Locomotive " calling fair censures during an elimination match of the European championship Russia - Croatia. - besides at this time year there it is already cold ".

However, according to Gazzayev, the main weapon of CSKA in a match against " the Arsenal " Will be completely not autumn weather and cherkizovsky a lawn, (which, by the way, for a long time it is put in order), and " the captain and all players ". " I Want tell, as at us it is a lot of worthiness which 2MORO ANY1 of our players should show " - he has underlined a day before game.