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the President of Russia will carry on negotiations from premieres - the minister of Israel

the President of Russia and premieres - the minister of Israel during negotiations will try to find restoration ways palestino - the Israeli dialogue. Vladimir Putin`s negotiations and Ehuda Olmerta will pass on Wednesday in the Kremlin.

" Russian - the Israeli summit talks will be focused on search of ways of restoration of dialogue in key aspects palestino - the Israeli settlement " - has declared News a source in the Kremlin.

Thus he has noticed that the accent in negotiations will be made on " realisation of positions " a road map " being it is international - a recognised legal basis of settlement and providing an exit on the decision of all available questions at issue a trunk-call way ".

the Source 2 has noticed that " The real chance 4 movement in this direction would create the success of efforts directed on creation of the government of national unity PNA on a platform of a strategic choice in favour of settlement W Israel ".

the Interlocutor of agency has specified that this position has been fixed in the final statement of recent ministerial session Near-Eastern " a quartet " the international intermediaries in New York, passing in frameworks of session of HECTARE of the United Nations.

the Kremlin representative 2 has underlined that " recent splash in confronting between Israel and Lebanon, accompanied by considerable human victims and the destructions, saved intensity in it is Israeli - the Palestinian relations once again demonstrate that power actions will not lead to required settlement in region ".

" The unique means to escape from a violence vicious circle - to renew peace negotiating process on it is international - the legal basis, aimed at achievement of universal Near-Eastern settlement, to release hostages, to stop mutual recriminations and claims, not to suppose victims among civilians from different directions and infrastructure destructions, to cease to force passions " - the source has told.

" It is necessary, that 2 such conclusion irrevocably all parties of the conflict " came; - the interlocutor of agency has added, having reminded that W this appeal has acted in July, 2006 at the summit in St.-Petersburg " the eight ".

According to the source in the Kremlin, at Vladimir Putin`s MTG and Ehuda Olmerta the role " 2 will be considered; a quartet " in the international and regional efforts on peace process advancement on all its tracks.

" Being its active participant, Russia intends and to promote henceforth to stabilisation of conditions and renewal palestino - the Israeli contacts, to a finding the parties of mutually acceptable arrangements, including in the field of security " - the Kremlin representative has told.

the Visit schedule of Olmerta to Russia provides 2 negotiations W vitse - the prime minister, the Minister of Defence of Russia Sergey Ivanov and head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrovym.

" the Program of MTGs assumes an exchange of opinions on the widest spectrum of problems, beginning from questions of mutual relations and finishing actual international problems. In particular, during negotiations in Moscow the prime minister - the minister will mention a situation in the Near East, Syria, Lebanon, in Iran " - have specified in embassy of Israel in Russia.

the Israeli prime minister during the visit 2 will visit the Moscow Choral synagogue in the Spasoglinishchevsky lane and the Moscow Jewish cenobitic CTR in Marinoj to a grove.

During visit of Ehuda Olmerta to Moscow it will be marked 15 - letie from the date of restoration of diplomatic relations between Russia and Israel. Dipotnoshenija between two countries have been interrupted in 1967. In 1987 relations on a consular line are renewed, and in October, 1991 are restored in full. In December, 1991 have been opened the Israeli embassy in Moscow and the Russian embassy in Tel - Abib.