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Olmert will celebrate 100 - letie the Moscow choral synagogue

In day 15 - letija restoration of diplomatic relations of Russia and Israel the prime minister - the minister of Israel Ehud Olmert will take part in commemorating of century anniversary of the Moscow choral synagogue.

" This year at us considerable both in religious and in the political relation. 100 years from the date of signing by Minister of Internal Affairs Peter Stolypinym of the decree ABT opening of the Moscow choral synagogue in 1906 were executed. And so has coincided that this year it is marked 15 - letie restoration of diplomatic relations with Israel " - the main rabbi of Russia Adolf Shaevich (the Congress of the Jewish religious organisations and associations of Russia) has told News.

" We are glad to possibility to combine these anniversaries " - has added Shaevich. As he said, restoration dipotnosheny, the present visit of Olmerta and its MTG with the Russian management - " Very significant events in political life of Israel and Russia ".

And the Moscow choral synagogue, since its visitation by the first ambassador of the state Israel Goldoj Meir (in October, 1948), plays a special role in spiritual communication of inhabitants of both countries. It is remarkable that on the Israeli coin by worthiness of 10 shekels of Gold Meir it is represented against this synagogue.

" Throughout 100 years of the existence the Moscow choral synagogue was never closed, EVN during the most difficult periods of the Soviet and Russian history. It was a unique place where the Jew could feel the Jew where it came with all pleasures and misfortunes where could communicate freely " - has underlined Shaevich.

In the program of anniversary evening in a synagogue - a concert of the Jewish choruses and violinists, official speeches, rewardings and gifts, execution of hymns of Russia and Israel.

In celebrations, besides Olmerta and Shaevicha, the president of the Congress of the Jewish religious organisations and associations of Russia Arcady Gajdamak, the president of the Russian Jewish congress Vyacheslav Kantor, president Evro - the Asian Jewish congress Alexander Mashkevich, delegates of the Jewish organisations of the USA, Canada, the Western Europe will take part.

representatives of Russian Orthodox Church and other traditional religions of Russia, top politicians, scientific, businessmen and art workers Are invited 2. Performance of the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov is expected.