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last week Ramadan photo-exhibition " will open; Islam how are you doing "

last week Ramadan - sacred in Islam of MTH of fast - in Spiritual management of Moslems of the European part of Russia where the residence of Advice of muftis of Russia is located, photo-exhibition " will open; Islam how are you doing " competition of readers of the Koran also will take place.

" We are glad to support youth creativity, are glad, when young Moslems find themselves in such creativity and come to a mosque. In our understanding the mosque is a place not only prayers, but also spiritual education " - the chairman of the council of muftis of Russia a mufti sheikh Ravil Gajnutdin has told News.

Predictably, on Wednesday, on the eve of special 4 Moslems of Night of predetermination (Lejlat al - a shot), it will personally open an exposition of WRK of young pictorialist Taufika Hisamova, and also the next annual competition of readers of the Koran.

At the heart of photo-exhibition - Muslim Cairo. According to the author, it " a new view, new turn in representation of Islam 4 wide audience ". 4 an exposition Advice of muftis had been selected 30 WRK. The exhibition will last till November.

the Ending of competition of readers of the Koran in which 35 applicants will take part, will pass 2NITE on October, 19th when there comes Night of predetermination.

On opening of celebrations on October, 18th there will arrive attaches on culture of Iran, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, the consul of Kazakhstan, the plenipotentiary of Tatarstan, and also representatives of the ministry of culture of Russia, Islamic clergy, a policy, figures of arts.