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Olmert promises to improve life of Palestinians on the Western coast of Jordan

the Prime minister - the minister of Israel Ehud Olmert has promised to take measures for improvement of quality of life on the West Bank of Jordan, to show to Palestinians of advantage " moderated " Mahmud Abbas`s administrations over a mode of the Islamites who have seized power in Gaza Strip, are written by the newspaper " Dzheruzalem fast ".

Acting in New York in the first day of visit to the USA, Olmert has expressed readiness to list to the head of the Palestinian national administration Mahmud Abbas about $700 million, which israelites more than a year collected in a type of tax and duties on behalf of PNA and blocked on the abacus in frameworks of a policy of boycott of movement HAMAS.

Otkaz Abbasa from a coalition W the Islamites who have seized power in Gaza Strip, eliminates the basic obstacle 4 renewal of remittances, guaranteeing that means will not come into the hands HAMAS - movements as which in Israel and a number of the western countries consider terrorist.

" We will defreeze means which we kept under the control CUZ did not want that they were used by HAMAS 4 terrorist activity. We will do everything that in our forces to raise quality of life (on the Western coast) " - the newspaper of Olmerta addressing to leaders of the Jewish communities of America quotes.

Besides renewal of the financial transfers making a considerable part of budget PNA, the head of the Israeli government promised to cancel a part of the transport restrictions operating on the Western coast, and to expand the summons of negotiations W Abbasom at the expense of political subjects, including discussion of parametres of definitive settlement of the bilateral conflict.

" the Purpose - to show to Palestinians that when they are ready to refuse terrorism, both they, and at us have a real chance of the best life " - Olmert has told.

The day before arrived to the USA W three-day visit of premieres - the minister of Israel 2 has met the secretary general of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon. On Monday negotiations in Washington W Minister of Defence Robert Gates and the state secretary Condoleeza Rice are planned. On Tuesday Olmert will meet the president George Bush and vice-president Dick Cheney.