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the USA and Australia spend the largest doctrine of Naval Forces

the USA and Australia on Monday have begun carrying out at coast of Australia of the largest bilateral doctrine of Naval Forces " the Talisman of Sejbr - 07 " (Talisman Sabre - 07), has informed referring to representatives of the American military command agency Assoshiejted the Press.

2 participation in the doctrine which will be till July, 2nd it is spent in territolnyh waters of Australia at coast of state of Queensland, are involved 20 thousand American and 7,5 thousand Australian military men. It is supposed to involve ten American fighting ships, including one aircraft carrier in the doctrine. From party VS of Australia 20 fighting ships and 125 planes are involved in participation in the doctrine.

During doctrines it is planned to fulfil interaction between formations of armed forces of two countries at carrying out of sea and land fighting, peace-making and humanitarian operations.

series Doctrines " the Talisman of Sejbr " The USA and Australia time in two years are spent by formations VS. 2 participation in the previous doctrine " the Talisman of Sejbr - 05 " in 2005 were involved more than 8 thousand Australian and 11 thousand American military men.