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Uroki Solzhenitsyna. From unlearned

life areas - how not to admit it W the earth? To refuse to village a private property - means to close it already 4EVER ». Objections against this step are known and, it is necessary to recognise, are powerful. Nevertheless, that fact that it is necessary to consider necessarily all possible costs, does not cancel a basic conclusion of Solzhenitsyna. W/ O a private property on the earth, village we will not lift, how much yet vbuhivali in it of means.

the Lesson the third. Solzhenitsyn: « All nomenclature bureaucracy, mullions-strong tunejadnyj upravitelnyj the device, kostenjashchy all national life, - W their high salaries, indulgences - we finish to feed! Let go on useful work, and how much will gain ».     This lesson is theoretically acquired, but practically is not realised. Conversations on the bureaucrat suffices, but it only is multiplied and grows fat in new Russia. Y? probably, therefore

the Lesson the fourth. Solzhenitsyn: « the Respect for the human person - wider principle, than democracy, and here it should be sustained by all means ». It is urged to ascertain: it is not sustained. Y? the Answer see in the previous paragraph.

At last, a lesson the fifth. Solzhenitsyn: « the Power source or powerlessness of a society - a spiritual standard of living, and already then - industry level. One market economy and EVN universal abundance - cannot be a mankind crown. If in the nation spiritual powers have run low - no best state system and any industrial development will rescue it from death, W a rotten hollow the tree is not necessary. Among all possible freedom - on the first place all the same there is dishonesty freedom: it is that you will not forbid, you will not provide any laws ».


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