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Victims at collision of trains will be soon discharged from hospital

by Physicians estimate a status of 12 victims at collision of passenger and cargo trains in the Voronezh region as satisfactory, the head physician of Liskinsky railway hospital Anatoly Kovalev has informed on Monday of News.

As he said, in hospital there are 12 persons, including the child, 1997 year of birth.

" three victims are in neurologic branch, the others in the surgical. The diagnosis at the majority of victims - bruises and the traumas RCVed as a result of falling in a compartment or platform. The diagnosis at the child - a bruise of soft fabrics of a forward belly wall. Heavy patients are not present. The majority status improves, and many of them already will be discharged from hospital and sent 2DAY at destination " - Kovalev has told.

He has added that the majority of victims went to have a rest on the south.

" All of them have expressed desire to continue a trip and will be sent on the south during time convenient for them by trains passing through Liski " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

Failure of trains in the Voronezh region on a stage of Jugo - East railway (JUVZHD) between settlements Liski and Valujki (Belgorod region) has occurred on Sunday. According to the head of service on public relations JUVZHD of Nikolay Chuhlebova, the railroad tracks from - for collisions of structures has not suffered.

the Passenger train number 279 Chelyabinsk - Simferopol has been towed off on a junction of Liski. In structure locomotives and the first carriage which at collision have RCVed small damages have been replaced. In 18. 30 passenger train has gone on a route to Simferopol.

the Special commission which is headed by chief JUVZHD Anatoly Volodko, investigates the incident reasons.

According to preliminary data, the train has made an emergency stop from - for pressure drop in system, have informed in service on public relations JUVZHD.