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the Court of Tokyo has obliged the Propyongyang organisation to pay a debt under credits

the Tokyo regional court has obliged the Propyongyang League of the Korean citizens living in Japan (" CHhonren ") to pay on debts about 500 million dollars has informed TV channel " En - Ejch - Kej " (NHK).

the court has accepted Such decision on Monday under state corporation Resolution And claim ˝olle˝tion ˝orp. (" Corporation of a resolution of disputes and gathering of debts ") . It has got 16 unprofitable credit organisations which have allocated in due time to League as loans of 62,7 billion yens (more than 500 million dollars). In 2005 the corporation through court has demanded to return it money as to the owner of promissory notes. The court recognised as lawful requirements of the company and has obliged the respondent to pay all debts.

" CHhonren " actually carries out a role of informal representation of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea in Japan from which Pyongyang does not have diplomatic relations. It unites a number of commercial structures and public organisations. The main task of the League existing since 1955, protection of the rights of the Koreans living in Japan is.

It is known that " CHhonren " has no such sum, and experts do not exclude that Resolution And ˝olle˝tion ˝orp. Will demand sale from auction of a ten-storied building belonging to League and the ground area the area of 2,39 thousand square metres in the CTR of Tokyo on account of debt repayment. Thus, the informal representation of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea in Japan can lose a staff - apartments.

It not the first time, when the property " CHhonren " it appears under the threat. In September, 2003 of the power of Tokyo declared confiscation of a building and the earth 4 sale, having accused " CHhonren " in non-payment of taxes to the property at a rate of 40 million yens (about 333 thousand dollars), however by April of this year all debts have been extinguished, then the city has cancelled the decision.