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On the Moskva River there will be a water taxi

. Experimental routes of a water taxi will be organised in Moscow during navigation of 2007, the representative of city administration has informed News.

" At the first stage in a city it will be organised three experimental routes of a water taxi, and in the long term if this experiment appears successful, the quantity of routes can be increased " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

According to the order signed and. The island of the mayor of capital Vladimir Resin, a water taxi will ply across the Moskva River.

According to the interlocutor of the agency, the first route of a river taxi will pass from water area Stroginsky pojmy B4 a sluice number 9 which is located on Karamyshevsky gidrouzele on severo - the capital West. Points of landing and disembarkation of passengers will be organised on moorings of yachts - club " the Crocus - City " in Isakovsky`s streets and Picturesque (" SHCHukino ") And yachts - club " Strogino " in the Trinity - Lykovo, moorings number 1, 2 and 3 in a rest zone " the Silver Pine forest " a mooring " Tatarovo " and a rest zone " Karamyshevo ".

the Second route of a water taxi will pass on the Khimki water basin between east and western coast W points of landing and disembarkation of passengers " Northern river station " " Water stadium " a mooring opposite to the central avenue of a recreation park " Northern Tushino ".

the Third route will be laid on water area of the Moskva River from the Central recreation park (TSPKiO) to a name Bitter B4 an arrow vodorazvodnogo the channel W points of landing and disembarkation of passengers on Pushkin naberezhenoj (Neskuchniy Garden and TSPKiO to a name Bitter), Ozerkovsky quay (at the house number 54 and on Prechistinsky quay opposite to Christ the Saviour Cathedral), on the Sofia quay (opposite to the Kremlin) and on Andronevsky quay (the descent on the river Jauza), has told predstvitel goradministratsii.

the Organizer of routes of a river taxi - the state unitary enterprise " Coast of Moscow ".

the Employee goradministratsii has noticed that terms of the beginning of WRK of a route of a water taxi will be defined in the nearest future.

As the assistant to the mayor of Moscow on international and to foreign economic relations Joseph Ordzhonikidze has informed in December of last year at session of the capital government, fare by a water taxi across the Moskva River will make 400 - 500 roubles at an o`clock.

Small size vessels of a water taxi can contain B4 12 passengers. According to the made calculations, the volume of demand for services of a water taxi in the Moscow region makes 514 thousand passengers at an o`clock.