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In the USA pochtjat memory of spouses of Rosenbergs

. In the USA on Tuesday in 54 - ju anniversary of execution on an electric chair of Etel and Dzhuliusa Rosenbergs will pass big musically - a poetic memorial evening of the American spouses, executed on charge in espionage in favour of Moscow and transfer to Soviet Union of a secret of the American nuclear bomb.

At evening which will pass in Boston (State of Massachusetts), known Black active worker Angela Devis who in the past consisted a member of communist party of the USA, the radical organisation " will read verses; Black panthers " also has spent more year in prison on false charge before the court has completely justified it.

In protection of Devis acted John Lennon and Joko It, written a song " Angela " and group " Rolling stounz " written down a song " the Lovely black angel ". In 80 - e years Devis stood in vice-presidents of the USA twice, and now is the professor of history at university of the State of California.

Together with Devis at evening David Starsajrn, the known American historian and philosopher Howard Zinn, playwright Eva Ensler, and also the former sergeant of national guards of the USA will act as Kamilo Medzhia who after six-monthly service in Iraq has refused to obey to a repeated appeal the Hollywood film actor, has been denounced by the military court for desertion and has spent year in military prison, for what has been included by the international human rights organisation Amnesty International in the list " prisoners of conscience " in the USA.

At evening members of a family of Rosenbergs will act 2.

the American communists and children of the Jewish emigrants from Russia Etel and Dzhulius Rosenbergs have been executed on an electric chair on a decline of day on June, 19th, 1953 in prison Synge - Synge (state of New York) after the court recognised as their guilty that they were agents of the Soviet investigation and participated in " nuclear espionage " in favour of the USSR, having passed to Moscow technical details of the American nuclear bomb.

At the same time legality of process, legitimacy of a verdict of court and execution of spouses of Rosenbergs calls till now opposite estimations in the USA and abroad.

Rosenberg`s Supporters assert that litigation over them went W infringements and that they have been subjected the death penalty wrongfully.

the Official American authorities insist that Rosenbergs were the Soviet spies and in 1995 the Agency of national security of the USA has declassified 50 years keeping almost the encryptions as fiduciary intercepted and deciphered by the American special services Soviet rezidentury in the USA according to which Dzhulius Rosenberg concerned nuclear espionage, but according to experts of wine of his wife Etel on - former remains in doubt.

spouses Rosenberg have refused to co-operate with the investigation and in the categorical form did not recognise the fault.

After Rosenberg`s which have called a considerable international resonance the execution, their sons Robert and Michael have been adopted by friends of the executed. Robert has created subsequently non-governmental " Rosenberg`s Children`s fund " which the problem puts " maintenance of educational and emotional needs of children, whose parents have suffered for the progressive activity ".