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In Ufa as a result of a fire in an apartment house of a shelter have lost more than 60 persons

. Yesternight as a result pozhra in an apartment house in Ufa along the street Goncharov without a roof over the head there were 62 persons.

As the employee a press - services of regional government of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia has informed News, the information on kindling has entered 00. 42. The firemen who have arrived through some minutes during fire suppression evacuated from a zone of smoke blanketing of 57 persons. And victims are not present victims.

the fourth number of complexity has been assigned to the Fire. In total 26 units of special technics and 76 persons of staff of the Ufa garrison of firemen have been involved.

the Prospective cause of the fire - an arson. The person of the instigator is not established yet.

the decision on house reconstruction where there was a fire as its pulling down is recognised by illogical Is accepted.

Tenants of apartments are placed in the House of night abiding.