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Bush and Olmert will discuss interaction with the new government of Palestin

. US president George Bush will accept on Tuesday in the White House of premieres - the minister of Israel Ehuda Olmerta.

Olmert has arrived to the American capital 2NITE on Monday on the Washington time. In Washington at it negotiations and a working supper W US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice, and also a MTG with the adviser of the US president on national security Stephen Hedli have already taken place.

Vstrechi Olmerta from Rice and Hedli passed behind the closed doors and as of this hour any details have not been informed a press.

On Tuesday the Israeli prime minister meets Bush at first in the Oval office of the White house, and then behind a working lunch. The same day there will pass a MTG of Olmerta with the vice-president of the USA Richard Chejni.

According to the American mass-media, it was originally supposed that Near-Eastern settlement, threat of the nuclear program of Iran, and also possibility of peace dialogue W Syria will be the main subject of negotiations of Bush and Olmerta. However the situation of last several days in the Palestinian territories has made changes to these plans and leaders of two countries will discuss now possibilities of interaction with the new Palestinian office generated by Mahmud Abbas.

On Monday Condoleeza Rice declared that Bush`s administration completely will restore the help to Palestin and normal contacts between the governments.

" In president Abbase and its prime minister - the minister we C the Palestinian leaders who will follow a responsible course, and we will support this course " - has declared Rice, acting in US State department.

" First of all they need to generate the government and resources 4 this government " are necessary to them; - has underlined the state secretary by which words the USA intend to render in it assistance to new government Abbasa.

" We intend to remove our financial restrictions from the Palestinian government which has agreed with the previous arrangements concluded W Israel, and has rejected a violence way " - has declared Rice. Thus she has added that Bush`s administration " will allow to restore to the American financial institutions normal economic and commercial communications with the Palestinian government ".