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Thanks to superrich men in Scotland the tourist boom

In   begins; Scotland is not present solar beaches and bright fires of French riviera, but this country becomes recently the most fashionable vacation spot of millionaires.

Rich tourists from the USA, Russia, China, India and the countries of the Near East flocks to Scotland, which applies a maximum of efforts to create to itself reputation of a smart tourist direction.

the Data published this week on site VisitS˝otland, shows that in 2006 the total income of the international tourism has increased by 17 percent B4 1,4 billion pounds sterling, and the quantity of foreign tourists has increased for 12 percent B4 2,7 million.

Rich tourists, however, as well as investors in real estate, are involved fast-growing with a golf - the industry. According to the experts, tourism 4 fans of a golf already brings to national economy at least 300 million pounds sterling a year. In Scotland it is planned to construct some more prestigious platforms 4 a golf to involve additional quantity of prosperous tourists from - for a boundary.

Donald Tramp is going to construct in Aberdinshire a field 4 carrying out of the championships on a golf, and hotel network De Vere Hotels has enclosed some millions pounds in a new platform on the bank of lake the Sucker - Lomond.

Nearby to the city of Machrihanish for the first time for last hundred years the present links - a field abounding with sandy dunes is under construction. Rich fans of a golf, and also world celebrities, for example John Travolta or the former US president Bill Clinton, can shortly take pleasure in rest on exclusive a golf - a resort constructed for 30 million of pounds sterling near to the former base of the Air Forces of Great Britain, possessing the longest in the country take-off - a landing strip.

the New platform 4 a golf, stretched on 300 acres of the Atlantic coast, threatens to eclipse all a golf - fields in the world. The Australian businessman Bryan Kiting builds lengthways weeding four-stars hostel in which will be 60 single, double and four-seater numbers, and also 24 double small houses which will be on sale on the terms of the free property 4 the subsequent delivery in employment.

' People can buy abiding during, for example 10 weeks in a year - three weeks they can use a small house, and for seven weeks to rent to their resort which will repeat to their fans of a golf ' - SPK Kiting who is convinced that its resort can make a competition the smartest a golf - to clubs of Scotland, but will be much cheaper.

Besides overseas visitors a golf - resorts began to involve more and more corporate clients from the London City where huge bonuses have generated a consumer fever.

Millionaires make only small part from all tourists, but they are the extremely favourable clients as they are not confused with the transcendental prices for everything, since an additional round of game in a golf B4 the best wine at supper or elite whisky in cost in 350 pounds sterling for a portion.

' Landscapes of our country are pleasant to rich men, besides Scots consider as the fair nation, therefore at us it is rather safe. And more and more people learn that in Scotland there are hostels of a world class ' - SPK Jeremiah Hokinz from the marketing company ' ˝onnoisseurs S˝otland ' specialising on a segment of rich tourists.

' I communicated recently with the tourist agent which has told that heard ABT one American who has spent 128 000 dollars for the freight of the private plane 4 flight from America to Europe. He has told that does not want to burden itself with change in Heathrow '.

In Edinburgh 4 service of excursions travel agencies had to employ the guides who are speaking Russian and Chinese. According to all available data from the airport of this city for last five years use of private planes has increased for 85 percent, and at the airport of their Glasgow became more for 35 percent.

' For the last some MTH we observe chain reaction as more and more people come to a conclusion that rent of the private plane is not luxury ' - Elena Torres, the operating director ' SPK; Exe˝ Air ˝harter ' the companies which renders services in the freight of private planes both tourists coming to Scotland, and the rich Scots, leaving abroad.

' Strengthening of security measures at the airports has led to that many companies and rich businessmen have ceased to use regular flights, - tells Torres. - 4 many people time - money, and they do not want to spend it for delays at the airports '.

Many their rich tourists arriving to Scotland by regular flights, charter often the plane to move on the country. During the near future there begins WRK the airline first in Britain using seaplanes which will transport passengers from the CTR of Glasgow, from river Clyde quay, directly in mounts or on islands. ' Lo˝h Lomond Seaplanes ' - not only unique airline in Europe, whose seaplanes rise in air from city centre, but also the most harmless to environment in comparison with other kinds of an airline traffic as 4 seaplanes it is not necessary to spoil landscapes of islands with building massive concrete take-off - landing strips.

' Lo˝h Lomond Seaplanes ' is going to offer fans of a golf, fishing and sights the high-quality tourist programs planned specially under them including visitation of a NE corner of mounts and islands of Scotland that standard tours W use of regular flights cannot provide.

' We can take aboard group of eight golfistov, and they with all conveniences can visit for a day some the best Scottish golf courses, - captain David Uest, the company founder ' SPK; Lo˝h Lomond Seaplanes '. - Scotland turns to new Riviera. Rich tourists and corporate clients flock here, possessed desire to play a golf '.

' Optimization of a transport MSG means that golfisty can play in the morning one round in the field in the Sucker - Lomonde, the second after DNR - in Machrihanishe and to have time to return by a supper to the hostel '.