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In a swimming bath on a hot well in the CTR of Tokyo the boiler

One person has blown up was lost also four have got wounds on Tuesday as a result of explosion in a female swimming bath on one of hot wells in the CTR of Tokyo.

As has informed the Tokyo fire management, there is an information that on an underground floor of completely destroyed building there can be people. Rescuers are engaged in analysis of blockages and their search.

According to management, the boiler which was outside of a building has blown up and was used 4 water heating in a swimming bath. The most part of visitors in time evacuated.

From explosion walls have fallen and the roof so from the house there was one metal skeleton has been taken down. In nearby houses a shock wave has beaten out glasses.

ABT severity level of the wounds RCVed by four victims, yet it is not informed. It is known that the girl aged about 20 years was lost.

the Building is located in area Sibuja (Shibuya) in the CTR of Japanese capital. In several hundreds metres from an explosion place there is crowded a station of the land underground, and in directly affinity the hostel, restaurants, apartment houses and shops are located.