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In the Far East the car on moving has faced train

. On Komsomol branch of the Far East railway the automobile motor vehicle on moving has faced the train, two persons are wounded, has informed on Tuesday of News a source in Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

" state of emergency has occurred the day before in the morning on unprotected moving around a stage Gorin - Harpichan of a branch line of Komsomolsk - Urgal. The driver of a motor vehicle " the Muscovite " in which there were three persons, has tried to slip moving B4 driving train " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

As he said, only by a lucky chance passengers of the car remained are live, as after diesel locomotive blow " the Muscovite " has flown away from moving. Two passengers W heavy crises are hospitalised in hospital at station Gorin, were in salon of the car 14 - the summer girl has not suffered.

As a result of collision at a diesel locomotive it was bent metelnik.

" At incident investigation it is established that the alarm system on moving worked regularly, and the driver of the car has broken traffic regulations " - has noted an agency source.