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NASA will CK the employees on the use of drugs and alcohol

Washington, 30 avg - News, Ekaterina Aleksandrova. National space administration of the USA (NASA) will enter in the near future obligatory testing of the employees about alcohol intake and narcotic substances, has declared on Wednesday on a press - conferences the head of NASA Michael Griffin.

" According to the instruction concerning civil employees of NASA from 1991 we should organise the check program (about the use of drugs and alcohol). But I have learnt recently that such program is not present that it has not been made. We simply should make it " - Griffin has told.

As he said, already in the near future experts of NASA will develop the project of recommendations about check program realisation. " if we have such program we will remove all doubts " - Griffin has told.

In July eight medical experts have published the report in which it was unsubstantially SPK about two cases of the use by astronauts of spirits before flight in space. The new report of the head on security of NASA of Bryan ABT ' Konnera has shown that astronauts did not use alcohol. In 45 - page doklae ABT ' Konnera recommendations ABT introduction of system of check on narcotic and alcoholic intoxication both 4 employees of NASA, and 4 astronauts contained.