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Hurricane in Mexico has helped to find out guns which over 200 years

the Mexican archeologists have found out three guns of 18 centuries at coast on jugo - the east of Mexico where last week powerful hurricane of Dynes was carried by, Rejter has reported.

According to the representative of National institute of archeology and history of Mexico, a gun which length makes 1,8 metres, have been found about a resort of Tulum after the powerful wind of hurricane has blown off a sand high layer.

" People have started to clear a beach and have found three artefacts which have seemed from - under the earths after the strong wind in this area has blown off a sand layer " - the employee of institute of archeology has told.

As she said, it any more the first case of detection at the Caribbean coast of Mexico of the subjects which age exceeds two centuries.

the Tools covered with a layer of a rust, will be placed on a sea bottom where corrosion process goes more slowly, than on a land. Besides there guns will be some kind of exhibits 4 tourists - divers.

Presumably, tools have appeared at the Mexican coast after ship-wreck European galeona in 18 century.