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the Nuclear problem of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea heads will discuss the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and Republic Korea

the North Korean nuclear problem and relations of Russia W South Korea become the basic subjects of negotiations of head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation of Sergey Lavrova and its colleague from South Korea Son Min Suna which have arrived the day before to Moscow W two-day visit, the official representative the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Michael Kamynin has informed News.

At a February stage of six-sided negotiations in Beijing the plan of initial actions on denuklearizatsii the Korean peninsula has been co-ordinated. Then diplomats of Russia, Democratic People`s Republic of Korea, Republics Koreas, the USA, China and Japan have agreed that the North Korean party will stop and will put out of action 5 - megavattnyj the reactor in Jonbene under the international control in exchange on the power help and improvement of relations W Washington and Tokyo. In July the North Korea has closed a nuclear complex in Jonbene and has RCVed as the first stage of the help of 50 thousand tons of black oil.

At this stage Pyongyang should give the full list of the nuclear objects, including involved in the program on creation of the nuclear weapon, and to stop them in exchange for 950 thousand tons of fuel 4 North Korean thermal power stations.

the Next round of six-sided negotiations on which steps on performance of measures of the second stage on denuklearizatsii the Korean peninsula should be planned, can pass in September of this year.

Besides a North Korean problematics, Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Russia and South Korea at a MTG in Moscow will discuss questions of economic cooperation, in particular, in power sphere and in the field of development of the railways, the information service of the South Korean government informs.

As marks the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, last years appreciable activization of economic cooperation of Russia W Republic Korea is observed. So, on the official statistics, in 2005 the trade volume between Russia and South Korea has reached 7,8 billion dollars (growth of 29,8 %).

thus the Russian export to Republic Korea in 2005 has made 3,94 billion dollars, remaining mainly raw. More than 90 % of volume of the Russian export are necessary on deliveries of metal rolling, mineral raw materials (basically, oil and oil products), lesomatelov, chemical production, seafood.

At the same time import of Russia from South Korea in 2005 has increased by 65,2 % and has reached 3,86 billion dollars. In import structure deliveries of cars, the industrial equipment and vehicles (about 63 %), chemical production (20 %), textiles and products from it (4 %), consumer goods (household electronics and foodstuff) prevail.