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Term of giving of demands from potential candidates on an IMF post of the head has expired

On Friday expires term of giving of demands from potential candidates on fast of the managing director of the International currency fund (IMF) instead of leaving in October in resignation of Rodrigo de Rato: candidates only two and IMF member countries should be defined now W a choice of the one to whom they will support.

Future elections significant that Russia unique has initiated competitive elections of the candidate on this fast. On a broader scale - that by a private rule, traditionally post of the head of IMF since the basis of this institute Europeans from whom three were representatives of France, two - Sweden, and also Belgium, the Netherlands occupied, Germany and Spain.

This time the candidate from the countries of the European union became eks - the Minister of Finance of France to Dominik Stross - Caen. It has got support of EU having 33 % of voices in board of directors of IMF, how has expired term of giving of demands.

Russia having about 4 % of voices, has proposed the candidate - the former head of the Central Bank of Czechia Joseph Toshovski. The fact of promotion of the alternative candidate has found support in a number of other countries. Experts and representatives of the power of the various countries have agreed in opinion that it will improve process of elections.

On the developed practice at first IMF member countries (them 2DAY 184) carry out consultations in which course put forward the candidates. Then executive direktory fund from ANY1 country represented by them vote on the co-ordinated nominee. Present elections it is planned to hold within the limits of annual meeting of shareholders of IMF which will take place on October, 21st, 2007 in Washington.

Meanwhile, the Russian experts are assured that the nominee of the Czech financier is the most suitable in the conditions of reforming of modern financial institutions.

Joseph Toshovski more than ten years (W 1989 for 2000) were the managing director of the Czech national bank, about one year (1997 - 1998) headed the government of Czechia and last seven years supervises over Institute of financial stability of Bank of international payments in Basel. It widely known expert in the field of macroeconomic management and the financial policy, almost 20 years closely co-operating with IMF.

Group economist Deuts˝he Bank Yaroslav Lisovolik has noticed that at Joseph Toshovski from the point of view of professionalism it is a lot of worthiness: ESP if to SPK about experience of its WRK in financial sphere in the conditions of instability and in the conditions of modern realities. Such candidate can solve the questions facing IMF, considers Lisovolik.

And problems at this financial institution are also the considerable. So, according to experts from Office of an independent estimation of IMF, in the international organisation on a broader scale becomes ripe crisis. Experts of Office consider that IMF it is necessary to improve the general management, to define the purposes of WRK more precisely and to strengthen cooperation between the countries entering into fund.

besides, their sharp criticism one of the basic programs of IMF - on rendering assistance is exposed to the poorest countries of the African continent. A policy and practical actions of IMF in this direction, according to experts of Office, are characterised as uncertain and illegible, both in the organisation, and behind its limits.

Total number of members of IMF - 184 states, among which USA, Japan, Germany, France, Great Britain, Russia, China and others.