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Inhabitants of Kamchatka can touch an icon of Bozhiej of Mother Feodorovsky

Orthodox believers of Kamchatka can touch an icon of Bozhiej of Mother Feodorovsky, arriving to Friday on peninsula W religious procession, the representative of the Peter and Paul and Kamchatka archdiocese has informed News.

" Religious procession on east boundaries of our Fatherland is made on blessing of the most holy patrha Moscow and vseja Russia Alexy II. Religious procession spiritually will connect the CTR of our Native land with its Far East boundaries " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

Kamchatka the first of Far East regions will meet a relic. An icon deliver to peninsula a special flight on Friday and will place 4 Nikolay Chudotvortsa`s temple worship, and then in other temples of archdiocese. In seven days religious procession will go in Southern - Sahalinsk and Vladivostok.

The name the icon of Bozhiej of Mother Feodorovsky, considered as one of great relics of Russia, has RCVed in honour of the sacred warrior of Theodore Stratilata. The image has been found by sacred prince Vasily in XIII century.

This icon in 1613 at election on a kingdom had been blest a sovereign Michael Romanov the first tsar of a dynasty of Romanovs. The image became a patrimonial relic of House of Romanovs. The Fedorovsky icon of God`s Mother is honoured as the patroness of brides, family well-being, a birth of children at childless couples, and the assistant in labour.