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In hospitals Rio - de - Zhanejro arrive wounded at collision of trains

Number of wounded men in collision of two trains in suburb Rio - de - Zhanejro, under the specified data, has increased B4 101, eight persons were lost. The secretary of staff of Rio has informed on it - de - Zhanejro concerning public health services Serzhiu Cortes to journalists.

" the Majority of victims was RCVed by small wounds " - he has added.

Two trains have faced on Friday about a city Iguasu in 35 kilometres from Rio - de - Zhanejro on an arrow in a place of crossing of two lines of the suburban railway Is new. According to the rescuers, one of structures has been completely filled by people. At the moment of collision in it there were nearby 850 persons. On a place of accident rescuers and brigades " work; first aid ". Wounded men continue to arrive in hospitals of staff of Rio - de - Zhanejro. The number of victims is specified.

Experts name the human factor and malfunction of alarm system of a railway system among the basic versions of tragedy. According to the technical director of the railway company " supervia " serving a route, Zhoao Gouvea, the definitive reasons of collision of trains will be named after end of investigation which 10 days will last.

He 2 has noticed that machinists of both structures have not RCVed serious wounds, and their indications should play an important role in incident investigation.