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the Head of Lebanon has declared possible formation of a transition government

the President of Lebanon Emil Lahud has declared on Thursday evening that in the country the transitive cabinet if the progovernmental forces and opposition cannot come 2 the compromise on a nominee of the new head of the state will be generated.

loyal Syria Lahuda expires Term of presidential powers on November, 23rd. According to the constitution its heir should be selected on September, 25th by parliament of the country two thirds of voices. Only in this case, Emil Lahud in the statement passed on the Lebanese television has told, the selected president becomes head " 4 all Lebanon ".

" If it does not occur, the commander of my army will head the transient period government " - the president has declared.

" the Unconstitutional government " (Fuada Signors), according to Lahuda, " Cannot incur the power if to elect the president it will appear it is impossible ".

however as considers the majority of the Lebanese observers, hopes that leaning against support of the USA the Antisyrian politicians and headed " Hezbollah " opposition can agree about a nominee comprehensible to both parties, practically is not present. Both that and others, are written thereupon by the Lebanese newspaper " the Expert - Safir " will disagree on what other, except as " on presidential elections from their camp ".

the Transition government in which will be six - seven ministers representing the basic Lebanese faiths, does not become, according to Lahuda, a military office. Its problem is development " the selective law comprehensible to all " on which basis " ASAP " will pass parliamentary elections.

it is not known Yet, a leah the commander of the Lebanese army general Michel Sulejman is ready to head a prospective transition government. About one MTH BWD he has declared the possible resignation in case present political crisis in Lebanon will not allow to elect the new president and will lead to formation in the country of the second government.

In Lebanon already there was a similar situation when president Amin Zhmajel who was in 1988 has appointed the commander of that time of army of general Michel Auna of head of a military transition government. In the country the diarchy was formed, and it has appeared on the verge of section by a religious principle.