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the President of Buryatiya communicates with the region population through IQ

. The president of Buryatiya Vyacheslav Nagovitsin has started to communicate with the region population in a mode it - a line through IQ, is SPK in a MSG of the government of republic.

" On the first communication session W the president of Buryatiya left more than 70 users IQ, basically youth. Within an hour Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn in a mode on - line answered population questions. It was on October, 28th " - it is SPK in a MSG.

One of most FAQ was ABT when to Buryatiya will come new the Internet - providers, is SPK in a government MSG.

" Besides, the Internet - interlocutors of the president the questions, concerning employments, the youth government, creation of new kindergartens, habitation acquisition " interested; - it is marked in the document.

After a session Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn has noticed that it is very Gud form of dialogue with youth.

" It would be desirable, that young men not only asked questions, and designated problems and made offers under their permission " - are given in a MSG of a word of the president of Buryatiya.

Sessions of dialogue of inhabitants of Buryatiya W its president on " aske " now become regular, it is SPK in the document.