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the Expert: mortgage crisis in the USA was not reflected almost in economy of Russia

Mortgage crisis in America and the general instability of a world financial system were not reflected almost in the Russian economy, the head of mission of the International currency fund in Russia considers Pol Tomsen.

" Plus 4 the Russian economy which protects it from influence of external shocks - high level of currency reserves and the mechanism oil stabfonda. So disorders in the markets, IMO, do not represent how much - nibud serious risk 4 Russia " - he has told in interview " to the Russian newspaper " published on Wednesday.

According to Tomsena, " the restless situation in the world market while has mentioned Russia only in very insignificant degree ". " Probably that as a result of reduction of inflow of the capital crediting growth in Russia will be slowed down. While we do not C signs of delay " - he has specified.

Where bolshej a current problem 4 Russia, head of mission believes, the overheat of economy called by inflow of the capital is. " its some reduction which has occurred from - for instability in the markets, will lead to economy cooling " - has added Tomsen.

Serious influence on the Russian economy, was continued by it, can render reduction of prices on oil. " present instability in the world markets can lead to easing of economic activity in the developed countries, so, and 2 reduction in demand on " oil ". However while such signs it is not observed " - the representative of fund has told.