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the Office of Public Prosecutor can involve militiamen on business " bittsevskogo the maniac "

. Some criminal cases can be raised in the relation of police officers on business " bittsevskogo the maniac " Alexander Pichushkina who has RCVed a life imprisonment for 48 murders, the public prosecutor of Moscow Yury Semin has informed on Wednesday to journalists.

" Upon inactivity of several police officers criminal cases can be raised. One business is already raised on October, 10th, such affairs can be some more. Concerning one of divisionals criminal case under article " 2 can be brought; abusing office powers " - Semin has told.

He has noticed that Pichushkin at due actions of police officers could make less murders.

Semin has added that, according to Office of Public Prosecutor, in the near future in territory of Bittsevsky park where Pichushkin made murders, there should be horse patrols which will keep order.