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the Turkish army liquidated 35 Kurdish insurgents

. The Turkish army continues large operation against Kurdish insurgents in frontier areas W Iraq, in a province of Tundzheli on jugo - the country east 35 separatists are destroyed, the local newspaper " informs on Wednesday; Sabah " referring to military sources.

" After detection evening on October, 28th in region of group of almost 50 terrorists operation with support of four helicopters ņobra in which result 35 insurgents " are liquidated there has been spent; - marks the edition.

the MSG " Sabah " yet has not RCVed ACK of official sources.

Operation against insurgents of the Workers` party of Kurdistan (RPK) proceeds 2 in a province of Shirnak where around a mountain ridge of Dzhudi take cover about 100 separatists. The aircraft, helicopters of fire support and artillery participates in it, pass local mass-media.

In a province of Shirnak in collision with Kurdish insurgents have been the day before killed three Turkish military men. One more soldier was lost from explosion on a mine in a province of Tundzheli.

On border of Turkey W Iraq it is deployed 150 - the thousand grouping of the armies which have finished, according to mass-media, preparation for possible operation in Northern Iraq against Kurdish insurgents.

the Parliament of Turkey in the middle of October has conferred to the power government on carrying out of military operation in Northern Iraq where, according to military men, are concentrated about 3,5 thousand insurgents of the Workers` party of Kurdistan (RPK).

the Turkish authorities declare that can begin operation at any time. Observers consider that the final decision concerning intrusion into Iraq Ankara will accept following the results of visit of premieres - the minister of Turkey Erdogana in the USA, after negotiations in Washington W the president George Bush on November, 5th.

B4 a trip of Erdogana to Washington on November, 2nd Ankara will be visited by US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice. It will discuss fight against terrorism questions with a Turkish management, and also the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the countries - neighbours of Iraq and constant councillors of Security of the United Nations will take part in a MTG in Istanbul heads.

In this MTG participation the president of Iraq Jalal Talabani is possible 2. It in interview to the newspaper " Milliet " which is published on Wednesday, has urged RPK to lay down arms and stop the armed opposition of Turkey.

" RPK harms both to Turks, and Kurds. That it does, I regard as treachery to Kurdish business " - Talabani, the Kurd on a nationality has told.

the Authorities of Iraq earlier repeatedly urged Turkey to solve a Kurdish problem peace means. At the same time they declared that will regard its intrusion into Northern Iraq as aggression.