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the Majority of parties are happy got to them in bulletins with numbers

the Majority of parties are happy got to them as a result of a toss-up with numbers in ballots on December elections in the State Duma.

" Ten is a good luck, it is very Gud " - the secretary of presidium Gensoveta " has told to journalists; an United Russia " Vyacheslav Volodin.

In its opinion, W number of 10 parties has very much carried.

" the Main thing now that and further all developed Gud that we always hit the mark " - Volodin has told. He has noticed that basically there was nothing to be afraid, CUZ 13 - j number between 11 parties admitted 2 elections did not participate in a toss-up.

" Though basically we on a broader scale people not superstitious " - Volodin has added.

" the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is very happy with number four which has got to us " - the first vice-president of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Ivan Melnikov has told to journalists.

He has noticed that this number associates at it with many positive aspects of life.

" Besides, in the bulletin we stand above all our basic competitors " - SPK Millers.

" All 2DAY wanted to RCV number one, but it has got to us " - the leader of Country party of Russia Vladimir Plotnikov has told, in turn.

It has expressed hope that the first line which will be occupied in bulletins with Country party, will draw ATTN of Russians to village and village problems.

Parliamentary elections will pass in Russia on December, 2nd.