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Russians began to go less often to Estonia after a pulling down of the Bronze soldier

. The quantity of the Russian tourists who have visited Estonia, has considerably decreased after mass riots in Tallinn and other cities of the country connected with carrying over of the Bronze soldier and a reinterment of remains of the Soviet warriors in April, the Estonian newspaper Eesti Paevaleht writes on Wednesday.

the Newspaper refers to the given researches, spent by company Postium which has analysed quantity of users mobile communication. According to the edition, in 2006 for three summer MTH Estonia have visited approximately 300 thousand Russians, for the same period of this year - 231 thousand. The number of tourists from Finland, Lithuania and Sweden 2 has decreased.

Reduction of number of the Russian tourists has ESP concerned the Tallinn hotel Radisson SAS. According to the sales manager of hotel Kersti Vajno, Russians the whole groups refused arrival to Estonia.

Places on New Year`s representation 4 rich Russians which traditionally spends hotel, are sold for today only half though last year by November of empty seats any more was not.

According to statistics, Estonia in 2007 of 1,2 million Finns, 352 thousand Latvians 2 have visited, 174 thousand Norwegians, 152 thousand Lithuanians, 107 thousand British.

Estonian authorities dismantled on April, 27th a monument to the Warrior - to the deliverer, and have the day before begun excavation of a burial place of the Soviet warriors on a hill of Tynismjagi in the capital CTR. On April, 30th the Bronze soldier have reinstalled on the Tallinn military cemetery.

From - for these decisions of the government of Estonia in the country 26 - mass riots on April, 28th have flashed. Except Tallinn, stirrings have captured 2 some cities severo - the country east where lives mainly Russian-speaking population. During collisions with police than thousand persons have been detained more, tens are wounded. The Russian citizen Dmitry Ganin was lost.