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Young kaliforniets, admitted an arson, it is placed under house arrest

. The ten years` boy, admitted that it, playing with matches, has arranged large forest fire in district Los - Andzheles in American state California, is under house arrest, and the Office of Public Prosecutor considers possibility of its suit, has informed journalists the representative of local Office of Public Prosecutor Sendi Gibbons.

At the fire which has occurred the past week, has burnt down 21 apartment house and more 22 structures.

" In case it will be decided to bring to the child accusation, to its business will listen in court on affairs of minors " - Gibbons has told.

the arson Version as the reasons of some fires has appeared at the Californian authorities some days ago as soon as it has been established that on sites, fires whence began, there were at once some centres of kindling.

All during the last days in California it has been registered more than 20 forest fires 12 persons became which victims. It is destroyed about 2 thousand square kilometres of wood. The serious loss is put agriculture - third of Californian crop of avocado is lost. Have burnt down about 2 thousand structures. The general damage from act of nature has made more than 1 billion dollars.

Earlier it was informed that the district Oranzh authorities in American state California which last days is captured by fires, promise to pay 250 thousand dollars for the information which will help to arrest suspected of an arson. The district authorities search for the driver of a white pickup whom, on an attestation of eyewitnesses, C on road Santiago Kanon shortly before burnout occurrence in this area.

the Fire which has RCVed the name " Santiago " has captured more than 110 square kilometres. On Friday in second half of day fire has extended on the canyon of Silverado located in area. The authorities suspect that a cause of the fire " the Rose " in district Riverside 2 there was an arson.

Earlier in district Los - Andzheles the local Office of Public Prosecutor has brought charges in an arson against 41 - the summer inhabitant of a valley San Katalino Pinedy who, according to witnesses, suited a fire in area Vest Hillz. Now Pineda is released on freedom on the security in 75 thousand dollars. On suspicion in fulfilment of an arson police the Dignity - Bernardino has arrested 48 - summer John Runda. It have released on the security in 750 thousand dollars.

the District attorney the Dignity - Bernardino has brought accusations in an arson 47 - to summer inhabitant Redlandsa Anthony Riperti. 4 its clearing B4 court pledge in a quarter of one million dollars has been appointed.