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Explosion in Tolyatti - already the third incident on transport for 10 days

Explosions in public transport. The inquiry

the Third after Maskhadov and Basayev. Who such to Dock Umarov

Moscow/ Tolyatti, 1 aching - News . Explosion has thundered on Wednesday morning in the trip bus in Tolyatti, eight persons were lost, over forty have got wounds. On the given fact criminal case under three articles, including under article " is brought; an act of terrorism ".

" Upon explosion criminal case under three articles is brought: terrorism (205 criminal codes of Russian Federation), illegal storage of explosives (article 222 of the criminal code of Russian Federation) and under article massacre (105 criminal codes of Russian Federation) " - the governor of the Samara region Vladimir Artjakov has told to journalists.

the Representative of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Samara region has informed News that in the bus has presumably worked bezobolochnoe an explosive capacity about kg in the trotyl equivalent, attached to a bus bottom.

Explosion has occurred in so-called " rush hour " - in the ninth o`clock in the morning - on a crossroads of streets of Charles Marx and Gagarin. According to the regional CTR of medicine of accidents, at explosion eight persons were lost, 48 have got wounds.

the Samara governor has disposed to create an emergency response centre in connection with explosion, the press - the secretary of the governor Ivan Skrylnik has phoned to News.

" an hour later (after explosion) the governor has arrived to Tolyatti where has held emergency response centre session into which representatives of power structures of area and a city " have entered; - he has told.

the chief of the department of FSB across the Samara region became the Head of a staff.

there is begun an investigation, experts find out explosive type.

4 the help in investigation in Tolyatti the group of experts of central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia having experience of disclosing of grave crimes has left, the representative a press - the CTR of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has informed News.

He has told that on an explosion place the best criminalists of Privolzhsky federal district already work, and in the near future employees of department of criminal investigation department and department will join them on struggle against the organised crime and terrorism of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

the Train of explosions

Explosion in Tolyatti became the next incident on transport in Russia for last ten days. Last Thursday, on October, 25th, in Samara the fixed-route taxi has blown up. Then victims was not. Two days before explosion in a fixed-route taxi in Kazbekovsky area of Dagestan has thundered, one person was lost, eight are wounded.

Explosion in the Tolyatti bus became one of the loudest acts of terrorism lately. In August of this year the train number 166 " has been undermined; the Neva express train ". 60 persons have in total suffered, 30 from them have been hospitalised.

Some bloody acts of terrorism on transport have occurred in 2004. At explosions on February, 6th, 2004 in the electric train car on an underground stage between stations " Autofactory " and " Paveletsky " and on August, 31st, 2004 at metro station " Riga " were lost 49 and have suffered more than 300 persons.

And on August, 24th, 2004 two suicide bombers have undermined themselves on boards of planes They are 134, carrying out flight Moscow - Volgograd, and the plane They are 154, following flight Moscow - Sochi. As a result of acts of terrorism passengers and crew of planes, only 90 persons were lost.

Explosions and elections

Explosion in the trip bus, thundered on Wednesday in Tolyatti, is attempt to destabilise a situation in Russia on the eve of federal elections, Victor Ilyukhin has declared News of the vice-president of committee of the State Duma on security.

" During election campaign attempt to destabilise a situation in regions becomes. The most important question - to whom it is favourable " - he has told.

the Member of parliament has noticed that the main task of law enforcement bodies - to establish the reasons of carrying out of an act of terrorism. " if we will find out the reason, it will be possible to find out, to whom it is favourable " - he has underlined.

the Deputy has noticed that in favour of the version bears to act of terrorism that " experts find explosive elements ".

Its opinion is divided also by the colleague on committee on security Gennady Gudkov. As he said, about it SPK an explosive considerable quantity, and that explosion has thundered in " rush hour ".