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Oman and Yemen are going to meet a powerful cyclone - mass-media

. Sultanat Oman and Yemen are going to meet the powerful cyclone approaching from Arabian sea on east coast of Arabian peninsula, the Saudi newspaper " informs; Al - Vatan ".

4 reflexion of the cyclone which has RCVed name 5, in a province of Dofar in Oman the extreme commission led by the governor is created, the newspaper writes.

Storm warnings are passed ANY1 three hours. Ferry communication with islands from - for strong stirrings on the sea is stopped. The exit in the sea 4 fishery vessels is closed. Buildings of schools are prepared 4 reception of people which habitation can suffer from act of nature.

According to the newspaper, the cyclone is in several hundreds kilometres from coast and the West - severo - the West towards the African horn moves in a direction.

As the newspaper " informs; Al - Ajjam " Preventive measures 4 cyclone reflexion are accepted and in Yemen. In particular, military units and a safety force in provinces in the east of the country are mobilised. Tents, blankets and the foodstuffs are prepared.

down-pour storm rains have already fallen Upon east coast of the country. Cyclone approach is expected during the day, the Yemen meteorologists have informed the newspaper.