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the Court will consider the claim ABT rehabilitation of the former vice-president " Euronetworks "

Moscow, 18 avg - News. the Moscow City Court will consider on August, 22nd the claim ABT rehabilitation of the former vice-president " Euronetworks " Boris Levin justified on the case of kidnapping, have informed agency RAPSI/ infosud. ru in a press - court service.

" In the claim Levin asks to pay it indemnification for unreasonable criminal prosecution " - have informed in court.

Moscow City Court, being based on a verdict of jurymen, on December, 1st, 2010 has justified nine figurants of business ABT abduction of the former forwarding agent " Euronetworks " Andrey Vlaskina. The judicial board of the Sovereign court (VS) the Russian Federation has left on January, 20th, 2011 representation of Office of Public Prosecutor on a sentence W/ O satisfaction.

the Consequence considered guilty of abduction, extortion and other crimes of the former vice-president " Euronetworks " Boris Levin, its assistant Yermilov, and also the former ordinary employees of the company and the private security enterprise working W it.

Under the sanction of court B4 the justifying Levin, Yermilov, and also their subordinates Sergey Katorgin, Vitaly Tsverkunov and security guard Vladimir Ilyin were in custody. Other four defendants were under a subscription ABT nevyezde.

State charge believed that employees of the company responsible for security, in 2003 found out large shortage of the goods on one of warehouses, have caught one of drivers - forwarding agents " Euronetworks " on regular withdrawals of small parties of mobile phones from warehouses besides the fact that that should transport Andrey Vlaskina.

Employees of security service of the company have counted an order of 20 million roubles of a loss and EVN tried to involve with Vlaskina in a criminal liability, however business in the relation it have closed.

Having calculated the enterprising worker as believed accusers, the employees of the company practising including power methods " vybivanija " a debt from guilty, from approval eks - the co-owner of the company Evgenie Chichvarkina was stolen by Vlaskina, almost MTH kept it on different apartments, demanding from it, its relatives and its colleague Dmitry Smurgina of returning stolen from the company, it is desirable in a money`s worth, and forcing to sell apartments, boats and cars.

the Office of Public Prosecutor accused the former employees " Euronetworks " in a robbery, torture, kidnapping, a writing of obviously false denunciation and other crimes.

However the board of jurymen has considered that defendants are not guilty of crimes made by it.