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the Technics going to Latin America, is not offensive - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Moscow, 18 avg - News. the Technics delivered by Russia to Latin America, does not concern offensive arms, the official representative has informed on Thursday in News interview the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Lukashevich on the threshold of visit to region of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrova.

From August, 21 till August, 25th head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov will visit El Salvador, Peru and Venezuela W official visit.

" the technics Delivered by Russia does not concern offensive arms. On technical parametres it is especially defensive means " - Lukashevich has noted, making comments on some estimations concerning ostensibly going " militarization " region of Latin America and Caribbean basin (LAKB), and also deliveries of the Russian weapon to a number of the countries, first of all Venezuela.

Prospects military - technical cooperation of Venezuela with Russia were defined W coming to power of the government of Hugo Chavez in 1999. Till this time Venezuela was guided in the purchases of arms and military technology basically by the USA, Europe and Israel. Now Russia 4 Venezuela - actually uncontested supplier of a wide spectrum of modern arms.

According to Lukashevich, " as have shown results of some regional forums, the majority of the states LAKB considers that introduction of stage-by-stage restrictions advanced by the separate countries on military purchases and redistribution of resources in advantage socially - economic development should not limit their sovereignty in questions of military building and maintenance of national security ".

He has added that experts underline what to SPK about race of arms in region there are no bases.

" Military expenses of the Latin American states on the average do not exceed 1,5 % of their cumulative gross national product, and on this indicator Venezuela (at it on the military purposes goes only 1,3 % of gross national product), and Colombia (4,0 %), Chile (3,4 %), Brazil (1,5 %) " is in the lead at all; - Lukashevich has told.

Thus it has reminded that " concerning the Latin American countries of any restrictions or sanctions of the UN Security Council in the field of arms purchases it was not entered ".

" From its part within the limits of development of interaction W the states of the Western hemisphere in defence sphere strictly we adhere to the international obligations and it is built our relations on a basis transparentnosti, a principle nenanesenija a damage of regional security, a non-admission of leak of the weapon of the Russian manufacture in an illegal turn " - he has told.