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" Red " danger level is appropriated from - for heats to 11 cities of Italy

Rome, 19 avg - News, Sergey Startsev. the Service of civil defence of Italy since Sunday on August, 21st appropriates maximum, " red " danger level at once to eleven big cities of Italy in connection with the abnormal heat which wave has overflowed Apenninsky peninsula these days.

According to the information placed on Friday on a site of Service GO, Breshii, Kampobasso, Frozinone, the Latina, Perugia, Rieti, Rome, Turin and Trieste where the mercury column of the thermometer already has closely stolen up 2 40 - gradusnoj to a mark is a question of Bolzano. It is remarkable that else yesterday in this disturbing list appeared only Turin and Breshija.

The day before the weather service of the Italian Air Forces has informed that in a weekend as a result of influence of the African anticyclone air temperature in 14 of 20 areas of the country will essentially exceed average indexes, characteristic 4 this period, and will reach 35 - 38 degrees.

Under last forecasts of meteorologists in Rome and Trieste in the near future air temperature will rise B4 38 degrees, in Turin, Frozinone and the Latina - B4 39 degrees.

" Red " danger level is appropriated by Service GO to big cities of Italy in a situation, when from - for high temperature " it is required to take preventive measures on protection of health of the population entering into group of risk " that is, first of all, chest children and the older persons which are suffering affliction nearby of chronic diseases.

Many regional branches of Service of civil defence already sound alarm as high temperature will be accompanied on the Apennines by the raised humidity that will call the suffocating heat which is so hard carried ESP in big cities. In particular, in the field of Emilii - Romagna and its administrative centre - the city of Bologna where temperatures above 40 degrees within the next few days are expected, in a status of the raised readiness branches of first aid and the social service providers working W older persons are resulted. In area special round-the-clock free TEL 4 inquiries on all questions connected with is founded how to endure strong heat.

In the circumstances doctors urgently recommend not to go out of doors during the hottest time of days and to drink as much as possible water. Ministry of Health of Italy has extended earlier official recommendations in which physicians remind that in a heat it is more preferable to eat as much as possible fresh vegetables and the fruit containing B4 90 % of water so necessary for the person.