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Paris supports idea to pass MUS situation consideration in Syria

Paris, 19 avg - News, Vladimir Dobrovolsky. France supports the recommendation of Management of the sovereign commissioner of the United Nations about human rights (UVKPCH) to be converted into United Nations Security Council that the International criminal court (MUS) has considered actions of the authorities of Syria against citizens, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France is SPK in the communique.

On Thursday UVKPCH has published the report of experts which mark " numerous infringements of human rights " and " large-scale and regular attacks to civilians " Syria. The report has been prepared by mission UVKPCH directed to Syria by the decision of Advice under human rights (SPCH) the United Nations from April, 29th, 2011, 22 - the page document covers the period from March, 15th till July, 15th.

" France completely supports the recommendations containing in report UVKPCH, and joins, in particular, 2 the offer to ask Security council (United Nations) to be converted into the International criminal court (MUS) " - it is marked in the communique of the French department.

Antigovernmental protests in Syria have begun in the middle of March in the city of Deraa in the south of the country, and then were threw on other regions. The Syrian legal experts inform that by this time the number of participants of demonstrations which have been killed in collisions with a safety force and police, on all country has reached two thousand persons.

According to official figures, from the beginning of events as a result of actions " the armed terrorist elements " which Syrian authorities make responsible for violence in the country, were lost about 500 military men and representatives of a safety force.

the USA, the European Union, France, Germany and Great Britain have urged Bashara Asada to retire on Thursday of the president of Syria. Canada and Spain have joined their appeal, in particular.