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Inhabitants of Tripoli inform that rebels have begun storm - agency

Moscow, 21 avg - News. Explosions and incessant shooting are audible in various areas of capital of Libya Tripoli, rebels have started storm, Rejter reports referring to local residents.

Besides, according to townspeople, on capital streets there were the demonstrators demanding leaving by Muamara Kaddafi, and the country authorities dispatch sms - MSG W an appeal 2 inhabitants " to leave on the areas and streets and to destroy the armed agents ".

the Representative of government Musa Ibragim has in turn declared that " in all Tripoli easy ".

mass demonstrations have begun With the middle of February in Libya W the requirement of leaving correcting the country more than 40 years Kaddafi who have outgrown subsequently in the armed opposition between the governmental forces and rebels. The number of victims of this opposition, under the different data, makes thousand persons.

the UNSF has accepted on March, 17th the resolution providing introduction bespoletnoj of a zone over Libya. Great Britain, France, the USA, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Denmark take part in the operation which have begun on March, 19th of coalition forces.

the Management of campaign in Libya has completely passed on March, 31st 2 representatives of command of the NATO. As declares a management of the North Atlantic alliance, the operation purpose " the Incorporated defender " - maintenance of embargo on arms supplies, bespoletnoj a zone and measures on protection of civilians. The mandate on operation expired on June, 27th, but on June, 1st the NATO has prolonged operation for 90 days - B4   September.