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the Government declares that completely supervises a situation in Tripoli

Cairo, 21 avg - News, Nadim Zuaui. capital of Libya Tripoli is in security, under complete control of the governmental forces and the armed volunteers, the official representative of the Main national committee (government) of Libya has informed.

" Tripoli under our complete control " - the Libyan representative on a press - conferences which on the air broadcasts the Libyan satellite TV channel has told.

Thus he recognised that during an evening prayer in a city insurgents who have been there and then detained and disarmed, basically by volunteers from among the Libyan nations have managed to make the way.

" For half an hour them it has been finished " - he has told.

earlier western agencies and a number of the Arabian TV channels have informed on explosions and incessant shooting in various areas of capital of Libya.

Rebels on TV channel " Al - Dzhazira " have informed ABT " the fight beginning for Tripoli ". As they said, revolt there have begun townsmen.