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Plane Ryanair has crash-landed at the airport of Riga - mass-media

Riga, 22 avg - News, Vadim Radionov. the Plane of company Ryanair following from Bruxelles to Riga, on Monday has crash-landed at the Riga airport, informs the Internet - a site mixnews lv.

the Representative of the international airport " Riga " Sarmite Bunka - Brilenoka has CFMed with the information that really plane Ryanair has crash-landed from - for technical problems. More the detail information of Bunka - Brilenoka has not given.

the Plane should land at the Riga airport in 9. 20 (10. 20 Moscow time), it however was possible only in the afternoon. Up until that time the plane turned over the Latvian capital, developing fuel.

According to the passenger of this flight, more than hour the plane turned over Riga, and flight attendants prepared passengers for a crash landing. In turn the pilot was converted to all W the request to pray, writes mixnews. Lv

According to a portal apollo. lv at the plane has jammed the chassis and pilots considered crash landing possibility on water in gulf of Riga.