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the Death toll as a result of flooding in Thailand has reached 37 persons

Bangkok, 22 avg - News, Evgenie Belenky. the Death toll as a result of the series of the flooding which have begun in northern and central Thailand on July, 25th, has reached by this time 37 persons, is SPK in the statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country which is published on Monday by the Thai newspapers.

In the north and in the central part of the country from flooding have suffered not less than 1,5 million person, it is SPK in the document.

Position in northern mountain provinces Chiang Mai and Chiangraj has considerably improved from the beginning of August. Flooding there has practically stopped. However water has left mountain areas more low, in valleys of provinces of Sukhothai, Phitsanulok, Nan, Lampang, Kampheng Phet and Phichit where deluging level has immediately grown almost B4 two metres. 2 the present MOM deluging level in these provinces has gone down: Water has left even more low - in flat provinces of Ajutthajja, Nakhon Najok, Nakhon the Winding sheet and Ang Thong where position remains critical.

All under water now partially are 13 of 77 provinces of the country.

the Situation remains sharp, however selevoe the prevention 4 provinces of east coast of Thailand where there is a set of tourist zones, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has softened: here threat of flooding and a descent of earth flows, according to the document of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, are improbable in the near future.

the Seasonal rains, which peak it is necessary for August - September, in Thailand small flooding annually call. However this year, on supervision of the Thai weather forecasters, August deposits exceed usual norms by quantity, at least, in one and a half time. It can mean that September will be less rainy, than usually, experts consider.