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Kommunalshchiki should understand that will be responsible - Astakhov

Moscow, 23 avg - News. the Representative by the rights of the child at the president of the Russian Federation Paul Astakhov considers that irresponsible employees of public utilities should understand that for infringements will be responsible on all severity of the law, has informed a press - service of the children`s ombudsman.

Astakhov has commented on a case in Transbaikalia where the court has sentenced the employee of the municipal organisation to 1,5 years of imprisonment for infringement of norms of security, from - for which the child was not lost nearly. 2NITE on April, 19th the seven-year boy in settlement Zabajkalsk has fallen in dug out kommunalshchikami a hole filled with water. The child has pulled out from ice water the police officer. The boy have taken to hospital in half an hour after falling in water W the diagnosis " utoplenie, asfiksija heavy degree, clinical death, the general overcooling of an organism ". The child managed to be rescued thanks to timely medical aid. The employee of municipal service who supervised over ground WRK and has not provided security measures, has been recognised by court by guilty and is sentenced to imprisonment.

" Irresponsible employees of public utilities and the building companies should understand that they will be responsible for infringement of safety rules on all severity of the law " - results a press - service of a word of Astakhov.

Astakhov 2 has noticed that recently such states of emergency occur even more often.